Good News/Bad News About the CW's 'Hart of Dixie'

Good News/Bad News About the CW's 'Hart of Dixie'

Hart of Dixie airs Monday nights at 8:00 PM on the CW.

Good News: Two, count ’em TWO 90210: Original Spice regulars.  Those gentlemen would be Cress Williams (AKA the basketball player who Brandon was asked to tutor by the professor whose wife he was banging) and Nicholas Pryor (AKA Chancellor Arnold AKA Claire’s father AKA the guy who ended up banging Samantha Sanders).

Bad News: Only two 90210 regulars?  Why not make it a hat trick?

Good News: Nancy Travis, who stirs up all kinds of Three Men and a Baby nostalgia in my heart (sorry, “Hart”).

Bad News: Jaime “James” King.  Everyone involved in Pearl Harbor gets a “Bad News.”

Good News: Scott Porter, whom some people might remember from some TV show a lot of people liked with football and lights and Friday nights.  I choose to remember him from this.

Good News: Rachel Bilson is cute and competent enough.

Bad News: I honestly think I’ve exhausted all of the Good News (Sorry, Tim Matheson.  I still haven’t forgiven you for being such a tool on The West Wing).  Hart of Dixie is basically Doc Hollywood with a Sweet Home Alabama (the Reese Witherspoon movie, not the song) edginess.  The show follows Rachel’s Zoe from New York (where her medical career is floundering) to Bluebelle, Alabama (where her now-dead, secret father has left her his medical practice in his will SPOILER ALERT).  She runs into Jason Street whenever she finds herself in a pickle.  She feels automatic animosity towards Jaime “Lemon” King, Street’s fiancee.  And all the townsfolk immediately despise Zoe because she’s a big city girl who can’t appreciate the beauty of a parade celebrating our nation’s Confederacy.  Frakking Yankees.  Zoe is a surgeon of the chestral area (“cardiothoracic” for all of you Grey’s Anatomy fans), but she’s as comfortable with a scalpel to the sternum as she is with a knife to your lady bits.  She can fix your ticker and perform complex obstetrical surgery without batting a perfectly mascaraed eyelash.

Look, I’m all for cheesy, unbelievable dramas (see the aforementioned Grey’s and 90210), but Hart of Dixie is too much ridiculata even for me.  From the secret father to the hammering home of the show’s theme (Zoe Hart is a heart surgeon who needs to go down to the heart of Dixie to find her heart) this show is just bad television.

Verdict: Honey, please.

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