Good News/Bad News -- ABC's "Suburgatory"

Good News/Bad News -- ABC's "Suburgatory"

Suburgatory airs on Wednesday at 7:30 PM on ABC

Let’s start with the…

Bad News: That title.  Did people learn nothing from Cougar Town?  (Side note, I have developed an unhealthy obsession with wanting to see Cougar Town do a very special Cougarton Abbey episode.)

Good News: This show is like if Elton from Clueless grew up, moved to Manhattan, had a baby with some lady, ended up raising the baby alone, and then moved said baby to the suburbs after finding condoms in her dresser drawer.  Oh, it’s also a lot like Mean Girls.

Bad News: The show (so far) does not have a whole lot of new insights into living in suburbia.  It is only the first episode, though.

Good News: Jane Levy is basically going to be the business, so be prepared to see her everywhere.  Hopefully she does not follow in the footsteps of her Mean Girls predecessor.

Bad News: Um…

Good News: Alan Tudyk, Cheryl Hines, and Ana Gasteyer.

Bad News: This show lacks the gravitas of Breaking Bad.

Good News: Lines like, “It sucks that your mom died, beeyotch.”  We laughed about that one for a full thirty seconds.

Bad News: Modern Family was kind of lame last night, wasn’t it?

Good News: Jeremy Sisto?  Kind of a fox.  And this show kind of really has something.

Verdict: Oh, I’ve already set up my season pass.  Watch this show, beeyotch.

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