CBS' "A Gifted Man" Isn't Gifted Where It Counts

CBS' "A Gifted Man" Isn't Gifted Where It Counts

Genre: Hour-long medical/inspirational drama

Premise: Talented, emotionally detached doctor starts to (in the words of Haley Joel Osment) “see dead people.”  Make that just one dead person – a past lady love who tries to help him become a better person in his practice of medicine.

Behind-the-Scenes: Creator Susannah Grant wrote Erin Brockovich.

The Good: The cast (Patrick Wilson, Dexter’s Julie Benz, recent Emmy winner Margo Martindale).  Doesn’t really make any glaring missteps.

The Bad: Doesn’t really entertain much either.  This is a solemn, slow-paced drama.  It’s meant to inspire, and perhaps the doc’s do-good deeds in future episodes will prove appealing to some, but the pilot is not promising.  That solid cast is wasted.

Will It Last?: The Friday CBS audience is one I’ll never understand.  Uh, maybe?

Add A Series Pass?: Unless you count yourself a devoted fan of The Ghost Whisperer or Touched By An Angel, No.

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