ABC's "Charlie's Angels" Proves One Remake Too Many

ABC's "Charlie's Angels" Proves One Remake Too Many

CHARLIE’S ANGELS (airs Thursdays at 7:00 p.m CST on ABC)

Genre: Campy action drama

Premise: Three pretty ladies (Minka Kelly, Rachael Taylor, Annie Ilonzeh) fight crime and solve mysteries while working for the rich, mysterious Charlie Townsend.

Behind-The-Scenes: This is a remake of the hit ABC show that originally started airing in 1976.  Drew Barrymore (who starred in the two movie versions) is an executive producer.  The co-creators are Alfred Gough and Miles Millar who are probably best known for Smallville.

The Good: Alias‘ Victor Garber is the voice of Charlie.  Fun use of split screens and scene transitions.  The three Angels sure do look pretty…

The Bad: …too bad they can’t act, especially Minka Kelly.  She may have FNL on her resume, but her baby voice and lack of depth annoy in every scene.  Rather than go for a funny older gentleman in the role of Bosley, the producers cast Ramon Rodriguez, and re-imagined the character as a young, hunky computer geek.  Stupid.  The plotting is conventional and ho-hum.  The music reeks of Billboard Top 40 fare, only a few months behind the curve.  The dialogue is laughably bad (sample line: “We may be angels, but we’re not saints.” – Groan).  Zero creativity or imagination on display – an empty exercise in using name-brand recognition to create a hit series.

Will It Last?: No.  Thursdays are uber-competitive.  While the title and familiarity with the concept may draw people in at first, they won’t stick around due to the lack of quality.

Add A Season Pass?:  No.  This actually made me long for the McG-directed movies, and we all know how “good” those were.

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