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Sarah Linden - I'll Let You Know

Well.  It looks as if my season-long belief that crazy Wormtail-like Belko would wind up being the killer has been murdered, just like Rosie Larsen so many weeks ago.

Or maybe his seeming innocence is just another red herring in a season full of stinky fish.  This show has my head spinning.
Let’s get to it, shall we?  With only three episodes left, last night was mostly about reminding us who’s still on the suspect list.  Let’s run ’em down from least to most likely, shall we?
Mitch and Stan: Rosie’s parents probably didn’t kill their daughter, even if Mitch did almost inadvertently let her sons die from CO poisoning.  Oh, and Stan did almost murder Red Herring #I-Lost-Count, Bennet.  But Stan did turn himself in, so that proves he really is a good guy, deep down.
Bennet: He’s not a murderer! He’s a kidnapper with a heart of gold.  Yes, it turns out that Bennet and his friend Mohammed really did have absolutely nothing to do with Rosie’s murder.  They were just protecting a 12-year-old girl from female circumcision.  A 12-year-old girl who just happened to have the same exact Grand Canyon T-shirt as Rosie.  Coincidental.  
Belko: As much as it pains me to say it, it appears crazy Uncle Belko is just a lonely weirdo who’s standing in front of a family asking it to love him.  
Mother Belko (Bev Royce): Belko’s mom is Joan Crawford crazy.  Or maybe Bette Davis crazy.  She reminds me a lot of Baby Jane.  Wild theory: Maybe Bev was jealous of how much Belko loved the Larsens and she took it out on Rosie? Probably not, but we have to examine all the angles (See: My Sarah Linden-As-Killer theory).
Holder: I don’t really think he’s the killer, he’s just done a lot to sabotage the case (i.e. setting up illegal wiretaps).  He’s probably just incompetent, I mean he doesn’t even know that bacon doughnuts are not vegetarian.
Linden: I like my M. Night Shamalamalam theory where Linden has multiple personalities that murder people around the Seattle area just so Linden has more crimes to solve, thus keeping her away from Sonoma and her creepy fiance, Rick.  The personalities are just trying to help her, you see?
Jamie: He’s too outwardly slimy to be the murderer.
Jack: Little Linden is a naughty little boy, what with his drinking and smoking and calling his selfless caretaker a “lesbo.”  Is he murderously bad?  Probably not.
Rick: I still think Rick has something to do with all this.  Why else does he keep flying back and forth between Sonoma and Seattle?  Or has he ever actually gone down to Sonoma?  If he had really been down there, then that means he’s flown back and forth between the two places no fewer than three times in ten days.  WTF, Rick?
Richmond: He’s starting to lose it, listening to music that reminds him of his dead wife and obsessing over a basketball.  Did he murder Rosie?  I don’t think so.  That would be too easy.  Or would it be?  His fingerprints have been over this thing since the beginning, but he’s never really been a suspect, has he?  You’re looking more and more murderous, Darren.
Gwen: She did not like the looks of Rosie shaking hands with Richmond at a campaign thingy.  Maybe she was wary of being replaced by younger, fresher, less back-stabbyier Rosie.  And that sinister look at the end of the episode — Murdery!
Rich Guy Basketball Condo Man: He’s just the kind of megalomaniac who would have no problem with murder.  But why would he murder Rosie?  For the hell of it?  I’d believe it, but it would be kind of lame.  Rich Guy as the murderer would be just the kind of twist The Killing would like to throw at us, though, methinks.
Auntie Terri: I’m pretty sure she done did it at this point.  She was way too insistent that Belko is a crazy nut.  She’s always around the Larsen house and she seems to resent it.  Oh, and there was that time she acted all randomly crazy around Jasper’s dad that the show hasn’t addressed yet.  It will all come out in due time.  And she’s been hanging around her sister’s house since Rosie went missing.  Creepy murderous auntie.
We only have a few episodes left.  To suddenly drag someone else back out of the woodwork whom we haven’t seen in a few episodes (e.g. Jasper, his dad, the mayor, Gwen’s dad who was so evil in Lost) would feel cheap, so I think the folks listed above are our main suspects.  Who do you think did it?  Whom did Rosie know well enough that she would take and Adela boat to the Wapi Eagle Casino in the middle of the night to meet that person?  How awkward was that sentence?
Did I miss anyone?  

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