American Idol Recap - A Baker's Dozen of Mildy Talented Karaoke Singers

A few notes before we get down to business:

1. Apparently the IdolDome stairs are not as steep as previously believed.  I no longer hold my breath every time that sweet little moppet, Ryan Seacrest, saunters down them.  Thank you, new 360 degree camera view!
2. Jennifer Lopez’s single is #1 on the iTunes.  You did this, America.  I hope you’re pleased with yourself.
3. But J-Lo’s red lipstick?  Fabulous.
And…Here we go!

Grading the Performances:

Naima A-
Shambert B+
Haley B
Pia B
Casey B
Baby Lockthemdoors B
Lauren B-
Jacob B-
Stefano C+
Ashthon C-
Thia C- 
Karen D+
Paul F-
Your Bottom 3 Tonight, America: 
Who’s going home?  Ashthon.
What did you think of Idol’s first real performance night?  Who are your favorites?  Who do you think is headed home tonight?


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  • Shambert! THE DARKNESS!!! Yes. Who do we need to call to make this happen?!

    And yes, the Lean is gross. And Karen needs to go away. She irritates me.

  • In reply to RunningJayhawk:

    I will get on my super secret Idol phone and put in a request to Uncle Nigel.

    Karen is scary. She's going to snap.

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