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Movie Review - The Eagle

BY ROBERT HAMMERLE, guest contributor to Hammervision Despite some rather obvious shortcomings, the historical adventure/drama “The Eagle” adds up to some pretty rousing entertainment in much the same fashion as the recent World War II prison escape gem, “The Way Back”. While I won’t deny there are a couple of minor plot twists that come... Read more »

American Idol: Stop It, Nigel

I’ll get to the real Idol recapping once the show gets whittled down to the Top 20 or whatever they’re doing.  After five years of blogging about American Idol, I just can’t anymore with these early audition rounds.  It’s always the same manufactured drama over and over and over and snooze. I do have a... Read more »

Movie Review - Another Year

BY ROBERT HAMMERLE, guest contributor to Hammervision “Another Year” can best be described as one of those films whose artistic whole does not equal the sum of its collectively intriguing parts. Filled with several genuinely inspired performances, it devolves into a rather sour portrayal of the aging process. Mike Leigh’s film revolves around the lives... Read more »

Doing the iPod Shuffle - What Are You Listening To Now?

My husband called me a “relic” the other day, which, as a classicist, I took as a compliment.   He was referring to the music on my iPod, which currently features a playlist that runs the gamut from Ani DiFranco to more Ani DiFranco to the Indigo Girls.  I, no joke, have not updated my... Read more »

Movie Review - Gnomeo & Juliet (***)

GNOMEO & JULIET.  84 mins.  G.  Directed by Kelly Asbury. We’ve gone a whole six weeks or so without a new movie for kids in theaters, so the timing on Gnomeo & Juliet couldn’t be better.  This Disney/Touchstone production – originally set up at Miramax – borrows elements from Toy Story while taking a page... Read more »

A Dear John Letter for "Chicago Code"

A Dear John Letter for "Chicago Code"
Dear Chicago Code, We need to talk.  It’s not you; it’s probably me. I mean, millions of people hang on your every word.  You look amazing.  My parents totally love you.  Maybe that’s part of the problem. Also, I think I’ve been ruined by ghosts of TV shows past.  I’ve had the real thing, Chicago... Read more »

TV Review - Mad Love ("Pilot")

  MAD LOVE Airs: Mondays at 8:30/7:30c on CBS Genre: Sitcom The Set-Up: A pair of guy friends and a pair of girl friends merge when two of them start dating.  The other two despise each other, naturally.  Think Friends minus two people.  Or How I Met Your Mother minus one person. The Good: The... Read more »

Movie Review - Just Go With It (*1/2)

JUST GO WITH IT.  116 mins.  PG-13.  Directed by Dennis Dugan.  Written by Allan Loeb and Timothy Dowling. Why does Hollywood have such a difficult time putting out a semi-quality romantic comedy around Valentine’s Day?  I realize that most romcoms typically suck, but, c’mon, Paramount could have at least saved No Strings Attached for this... Read more »

Movie Essentials: Best Supporting Actor Nominees 2010

Not too many people have seen performance artist Miranda July's lovably offbeat romance.  In what was likely a big change for him, Hawkes gets to play the leading man and love interest.  That's how you know this is an independently financed film - Hollywood would never have the balls to allow such a thing to happen.
This year’s crop of Best Supporting Actor nominees is a strong, likeable one.  Every actor nominated has put in years of work in Hollywood to get this to the point.  Some have been nominated before (Rush, Renner), and some amazingly haven’t (Bale, Ruffalo).  Some are born character actors (Hawkes), while others are born leading men... Read more »

TV Review - 'Mr. Sunshine'

The Premise: The show follows the exploits of Ben (Matthew Perry) and his boss (Allison Janney) at a large sports arena named Sunshine Stadium. The Good: It’s rare that I actually laugh out loud during a pilot episode, but laugh I did.  Not once, but several times.  The cast is quite good.  If this show... Read more »