Movie Essentials: Best Supporting Actress Nominees (2010)

The Best Supporting Actress category usually offers the biggest surprises on Oscar night.  Who could have predicted Marisa Tomei back in ’92?  Or Marcia Gay Harden for Pollock in ’00?  This year’s nominees are a strong bunch, with two of the strongest (Amy Adams and Melissa Leo) coming from the same movie.  Lil’ Hailee Steinfeld has more of a lead actress role in True Grit, but why be a stickler for details?  This is Steinfeld’s first major work, so not much to work with there.  Jacki Weaver is a mystery to me, despite the fact that she’s been working for the better part of two decades now.  I don’t have any Essentials for her, but if you’ve got some – be sure and let me know!  In the meantime, here are the Essentials for Helena Bonham Carter, Adams, and Leo.  Enjoy the Oscars on Sunday!


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