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6 Oscar Hosts That Would've Been Better Than James Franco and Anne Hathaway

As one of our commenters (Heidi) said last night during our Oscars live blog, "I think Tina Fey is the only person who knows what funny is."  Not an untrue statement.  And she and Pohler have a great rapport.  Plus, double the fancy dresses!  Everybody wins.
This is not a joke post. I mean, I could just list ten farm animals or dead people and the list would be pretty accurate, but I’m actually going to try to help the Academy Awards people recover from the failed Franco/Hathaway experiment. Who thought this was a good idea?  Anne Hathaway was basically new... Read more »

Movie Reviews: Cedar Rapids (***1/2), Hall Pass (**), Drive Angry (*)

CEDAR RAPIDS.  87 mins.  R.  Directed by Miguel Arteta.  Written by Phil Johnson. Though he didn’t write or direct it, the new comedy Cedar Rapids bears the distinct imprint of producer Alexander Payne.  He’s the guy behind Election, About Schmidt, and Sideways, and like those movies, Cedar Rapids excels at mining comedic truths out of... Read more »

Movie Essentials: Best Supporting Actress Nominees (2010)

Despite my misgivings about the Coen Brothers overwriting her character, Steinfeld proves adept at handling some tricky dialogue and holding her own against the likes of Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon.  A lead role, true, but she stands a better chance of winning in this category, so good call.
The Best Supporting Actress category usually offers the biggest surprises on Oscar night.  Who could have predicted Marisa Tomei back in ’92?  Or Marcia Gay Harden for Pollock in ’00?  This year’s nominees are a strong bunch, with two of the strongest (Amy Adams and Melissa Leo) coming from the same movie.  Lil’ Hailee Steinfeld has... Read more »

Movie Review - The Illusionist

BY ROBERT HAMMERLE, guest contributor to Hammervision One of the three films nominated this year for Oscar’s Best Animated Film, “The Illusionist” is a bittersweet, melancholy tale about the frailties of life. Nearly devoid of dialogue and containing mature content far beyond the grasp of children, it is a Chaplinesque ode to man’s gradual descent... Read more »

Hammervision Academy Awards Live Blog

John and I will be hosting a live blog/chat during the Academy Awards and the Red Carpet on Sunday evening, starting at 6:00 PM. Join us to snark on the dresses and discuss (read: bitch about) the awards themselves. We hope you can join us! <a href=”” >Hammervision Academy Awards Live Blog</a>

Movie Review - Unknown (***)

UNKNOWN.  113 mins.  PG-13.  Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra.  Written by Oliver Butcher & Stephen Cornwell. Liam Neeson’s character may not know who he really is in the new action thriller, Unknown, but I do.  He’s Jason Bourne.  How else to explain the fact that key storylines and plot twists are cribbed directly from the Bourne... Read more »

Movie Review - I Am Number Four (***)

I AM NUMBER FOUR.  110 mins.  PG-13.  Directed by DJ Caruso.  Written by Alfred Gough & Miles Millar and Marti Noxon. For a while there, Hollywood greenlit adaptations of every sub-par Harry Potter knock-off it could get its hands on.  Now, with the Twilight Saga in its final stretch and the last film(s) in that... Read more »

My Daughter is Not a "Pretty" Girl

The other day I put a perfectly lovely outfit on the girl child.  It was just a red top with black and white leggings.  Super cute.  Whatever.   She was wearing the outfit for several hours before I noticed on her wrist a tiny little patch, almost imperceptible, a subliminal message of sorts.  You never... Read more »

On This Election Day, Might I Suggest...

On This Election Day, Might I Suggest...
…Squirreling yourself away in your home and watching the televisual version of Rahm Emanuel? What are your favorite Josh Lyman on The West Wing moments?  Here’s one of mine.

Oscar Predictions: Who Will Win & Who Should Win

The Oscars are rapidly approaching.  Next Sunday, February 27, we’ll finally be able to put the 2010 movie year in our rearview mirror.  Anne Hathaway and James Franco, your hosts for this year’s ceremony, are likely scrambling overtime to put their act together and not embarrass themselves too much.  And the nominees?  When not writing... Read more »