'The Walking Dead' Recap - 'Tell It to the Frogs'

The band is all back together!  Well, almost.  Merle Dixon was still surviving up on the roof of the department store, getting religion, and then losing it while watching the zombies try to break their way through the chained and padlocked door as Merle attempted to reach the handy tools that had been left behind just out of his reach.

But who cares about that old racist coot anyway?  Not when there’s a reunion to be had back at the camp!
Despite all the trouble they had getting out of the department store in Atlanta, once our City Mice were in their respective motorized vehicles, it was smooth sailing back to the ‘fugee camp.  Glenn sped his way down the highway, siren blaring, noise be damned (the rest of the crowd worried that he had attracted zombies to the camp with all his racket, but their worries were for naught).  And the rest of the crew pulled up to camp in their giant conversion van.
Andrea tumbled out first, hugging her mermaid-loving sister Amy.  Then Morales greeted his nameless family.  And the rest of the family-less crew stumbled out, less excited than the others.  Purely for suspense’s sake, Rick remained inexplicably in the car until everyone else had exited.  What was he doing in there?  Reapplying his lipstick?  Then he finally emerged and saw his son and wife and best friend — tears and hugs and awkward looks between Laurie and Shane.  Because of all the boning.
The ‘fugee camp threw an impromptu hootenanny around a not-TOO-bright campfire.  Rick cuddled his family.  They discussed what had happened since they had been separated.  Laurie was led to believe that Rick was going to be airlifted to a hospital in Atlanta, but then the hospital became infested and Atlanta fell to the Undead and, well, long story short, she hopped on the Shane Train.  
The reunion was interrupted by Redneck Stereotype #3, AKA a plump guy named Ed who plays by his own rules and is kind of a huge jackass to his wife, Jamie Lee Curtis.  Ed lit his own campfire, and in The Walking Dead version of a pissing contest, made his fire a million times brighter than Shane’s.  Which was dumb because, hello?  Zombies.  So Shane made him put out the fire because he’s the law.  
Then the problem came up about what to tell Darryl Dixon, AKA Merle’s arrow wielding brother who was off on a hunt all this time.  T-Dog, who wins the dubious distinction of being the worst actor on this show, wanted to come clean about dropping the keys down the hole on the roof.  Always the hero, Rick wanted to take the fall because, hey, they were his handcuffs.  No concrete plan was put into place, and everyone retreated to their tents to get it on with their wives while their sons were sleeping five feet away from them.
Except for Shane, who had to sit on the roof of the RV by himself.  Does Shane not have a tent of his own?  Did Mrs. Rick tap The Class Ass in her tent with her son five feet away from them or did they always meet in the woods where no one could see them except for Darryl Dixon and his quiver full of arrows?  Did you even get that reference to failed CBS sticom, The Class?  So many questions.
In the morning, the group found a singular zombie in the woods eating a deer.  The menfolk bashed it repeatedly with lead pipes until Old Man ‘Fugee showed up and chopped off its head with an axe.  But there were more sounds in the woods.  More zombies?  No.  Worse.  Darryl Dixon and his quiver full of arrows!  Why couldn’t he have just died out there so the group wouldn’t have to tell him about stupid Merle?!
But tell him they did, and they decided to send an A-Team back to Atlanta to save that huge jackass with no redeeming qualities known as Merle.  Why?  Well, because they’re idiots, probably, but also because they’re noble.  They felt bad that it was going to be their fault that Merle died and they all wanted to appease their consciences.  Plus there was a bag of guns just laying in the street there waiting to be picked up.  And Rick wanted to try and touch base with the guy and his son who had been following him to Atlanta.  
Rick’s wife was pissed at Rick, but not as pissed as she was at Shane.  What did Shane do? Nothing.  She was totally just projecting her own feelings of guilt on him.  Oh, and they are totally not going to be able to stop meeting up in the woods, if you catch my drift.  The Shane Train is pulling into the station.
Or not.  Because Shane might have another love interest, folks.  He saved poor Jamie Lee Curtis from the wife-beating hand of her stereotype husband, Ed, and as a result Andrea, who misses her vibrator something terrible, was last seen looking at Sheriff Shane with new eyes. Hmm…
Meanwhile, back in Atlanta, the guys had minimal zombie contact in getting back up to the roof of the department store (dubious).  And when they arrived at the top of the building, Merle was gone!  You know, except for his sawed off hand, James Franco-style.
Final Notes:
1. Is anyone else just not that into Laurie?  She kind of sucks.  Rick could do better.  Like Shane.
2. We only have three episodes left and I really hope they start fleshing out some of the characters beyond the established stereotypes.  I have a feeling Darryl Dixon could turn out to be a pretty complex and interesting character.  
What did you think of the episode?  What are you hoping to see happen over the latter half of the season?


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  • Not enough zombies in this episode. Not enough zombies.

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    I knew you'd surrender to the gory side.

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