Abandoned Books


This weekend my son came into the house after colliding with our dog in the park.  The dog was fine, of course, but the kid’s face was covered in blood.  He seemed fine otherwise, though.  His nose had pretty much stopped bleeding and his biggest concern was that his father had some blood on his own neck. 

Then I saw it.
I saw the scraped up bump on his forehead that had been hidden by his hair.
Immediately I went into crazy mother panic mode.  How were his pupils?  Were they dilating correctly?  Did he seem off at all?  He did, didn’t he?  Maybe he was acting kind of clumsy and not focusing well?  He seemed tired.  Should I put him down for a nap even though he had obviously suffered massive head trauma?
So we waited a few minutes, gave the kid the cranberry cider he was asking for, and realized that he was just fine.  I put him down for a nap, and he woke up on his own an hour later, happy and rested.
I am usually pretty cool in most child-related situations.  So why did I become such a freak over a routine bump on the head?
I blame books.
Right after my kid was born, I decided that I wanted to have some light reading on hand for the late night feedings.  So I picked out a couple Sidney Sheldon books.  The very first one I started reading was Rage of Angels, which was about a high-powered attorney and her two lovers.  It sounded fluffy and fun and maybe suspenseful.
And then the main character gave birth to a son.  And then that son (SPOILER ALERT) got hit in the head while playing in the ocean.  And a few days after the accident he slipped into a coma and died.
And I was reading all of this while still in a crazy hormonal flux and while holding my tiny newborn son in my arms.
So I put the book down.  I walked away from it.  But it still obviously affected me deeply.
More recently I started reading The Lonely Polygamist, which was a very good book, but I had to stop reading that one as well.  I had just found out I was pregnant again and one of the characters in the book kept suffering miscarriages and stillbirths.  And it was freaking me out.
Are there any books you’ve had to put down because the hit too close to home?  Or have you finished them and they still haunt you to this day?  Did you put the book in the freezer like Joey did with Little Women and The Shining on Friends?  Should I try that next time?


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  • I can't read anything like that since becoming a mom. I read "This Much I Know Is True" which is uber-depressing in general, but specifically the main character loses his daughter to SIDS. Not only did I find myself sobbing while reading, but I would wake up in the night in a panic and go check to make sure everyone was breathing. Also, "The Shack". I hear its really upliting if you make it thru to the end, but I couldn't get there. I put it down. I even have trouble watching "Teen Mom" on MTV, I want to go give those little babies some love.

  • I would also like to add, I can't read news stories about kids getting hurt or killed. It ruins my entire day and gets that terror feeling going in my stomach.

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