15 Questions About Mad Men - "Tomorrowland"

Mad Men Don and Megan

1. OK.  Gloat.  Get it out of the way.

Ha!  Right?  Well, friends, in the end, this season of Mad Men was leading not up to Conrad Hilton riding in on his Disney-issued horse to save SCDP, Roger (or Sally or Lane) committing suicide, or Peggy and Don hooking up.  Nope.  This season was leading right up to where I though it was going — with Don about to marry Megan, Joan still pregnant, and the younger members of SCDP poised to lead the company into new and exciting directions.
2. So you must have been feeling pretty good about yourself last night?
Sure I was, but I was also a tad bit disappointed in the finale.  It was like I had read a whole bunch of truth-based spoilers before the show — that came from MY OWN BRAIN.
3. Let’s move on from you for a second.  What actually happened in this episode?
It was kind of a whirlwind, wasn’t it?  Don knocked the socks off of the American Cancer Society before taking his kids on a trip to Disneyland to get them out of their mom’s hair so she could pack up the family home and move to another suburb to escape the scourge of Glen.
4. Betty doesn’t want anyone to be happy, does she?
Not really, no.  She blew up at Carla for letting Glen into the house to say a (really innocent) goodbye to his good friend Sally.  Then Betty fired Carla, the only consistent adult in her children’s lives.  This canning also happened to put a damper on the Draper family trip to California because Carla was supposed to tag along to help Don take care of the kids.  Pissing off Don!  Bonus for Betty!
5. What did Don do?
He did what any sensible single father of three would do.  He asked his secretary (with whom he had previously had “relations”) to join them on the trip.  Megan was all too happy to oblige him. 
6. How did the trip go?
Very, very well, indeed.  Megan was a superstar with the kids, as we all knew she would be.  She was patient and kind, everything that Betty is not.  Fortunately, while visiting Anna’s old house, her niece bestowed upon Don/Dick Anna’s old engagement ring.  So Don was super prepared to pop the marriage question to Megan at the first possible moment.  
7. And she said yes?
Of course she said yes.  No one says no to Don Draper unless they want their business all written up in a screed in the New York Times.
8. How did everyone handle the news?
The SCDP partners were happy and polite.  Pete gave everyone an etiquette lesson about offering congratulations to the bride and groom.  Peggy seemed hurt and a little confused (more on this in a moment).  Roger was not as snide as he could’ve been considering all the shit Don gave him about marrying his secretary.  Betty was appropriately shocked and then accepting. 
9. What were you saying about Peggy?
Their whole exchange was kind of awkward.  Peggy offered her congratulations and commented on how pretty Megan is.  Don told Peggy that Megan reminds him of her (Peggy).  Peggy wasn’t sure how to take this.  Should she take it as a compliment or a comment that if only Peggy were more beautiful, she could’ve landed herself a Don Draper?  She consoled herself in the best possible way, by having a smoke break with Joan in Joan’s office.  The two of them commiserated about the boys’ club at SCDP.  It was so nice to see the two of them actually relating as equals and friends.  I think it was the best surprise, and one of the best moments, of the episode.  I’m rooting for this budding friendship.  And a Laverne and Shirley-type spinoff.
10. Can poor Dr. Faye Miller join them?
Of course.  We’ll call the series Elevator Girls after their iconic moment back in the “Beautiful Girls” episode.  
11. Don really frakked things up with Faye, didn’t he?
I’d say that any time a guy goes and gets engaged to another women who isn’t his girlfriend, it’s a pretty big frak up.  At least Faye got in some good zingers at the end.  She told him to get whatever he wanted to say over with on the phone because she didn’t want to have to sit and drink coffee with him after he dumped her.  And she told him that she hopes Megan knows Don only likes the beginnings of things.
12. Ooh, burn.  How did Don take that?
It made him think a bit.  In the last scene of the episode, Don was lying in bed with Megan, wide awake and looking a little uncomfortable and pensive.  Maybe he was wondering how he was going to manage to mess up this relationship, too.
13. Anything else you want to point out?
Joan’s still pregnant, as we all knew she would be.  Her rapist army husband thinks the baby’s his.  Isn’t that cute?  Oh, and Joan was also promoted to Director of Agency Operations with no fanfare and no raise.  She thought it was almost an honor.  
14. Non-Joan stuff?
Don told his kids that his nickname is “Dick.”  Harry’s a perv.  And Ken is kind of awesome.  The SCDP partners (oh, and by the way, Cooper really does seem to have left the building for good) were trying to get Ken to work on bringing his father-in-law’s business to the firm.  Ken refused.  He likes to keep his real life separate from his work life (unlike Pete).  Poor Ken.  That’s not how you get ahead in business!
15. Predictions for next year?
There will be more strife in the Francis household.  Henry actually came out and told Betty that no one’s on her side.  She’s going to have to grow up, or she could lose her marriage and her children (they seemed pretty attached to Megan).  I think Disney World could still be a possibility for SCDP.  We have no idea what kinds of meetings Don was attending in California.  If they don’t start getting some respect from the old fogies (and, yes, I’m including Pete in that group), could Peggy and Ken and possibly Joan branch off an form their own firm?
What did you think of this capper to a really stellar season of Mad Men?  What are your predictions for next season?

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