19 People Who Should Be the Next Betty White

If there was anything wrong with last night’s Emmy awards, it was the overuse of America’s current sweetheart, Betty White.  I’ve been over the Ms. White hype ever since right around the time of her over-praised and under-funny Saturday Night Live hosting gig.  It is possible to have too much of a good thing.

Besides, the horny grandma schtick has not been funny or fresh since at least The Wedding Singer back in 1998.

But.  I do think that the one good thing that came out of this whole Betty White superstar tour (I think she’s duetting with Jay-Z on his next album) is the knowledge that if we all band together on the Internet and its social media outlets, we can affect change for good when it comes to bolstering the careers of our unsung actor heroes. 

Here are the 19 people I think we should start championing now.

Movieline.com did a similar post about this topic, though I disagreed with most of their choices.  

Who do you think deserves the Betty White treatment?

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