SYTYCD Recap: It's Alex Wong's World, and We Are All Just Visiting


Hello, So You Think You Can Dancers!  The word of the night tonight is “erudite.”

Many of the dances tonight were, as Cat would say, erudite.  (She uses this word, and I don’t think she knows what it means).  Some dancers came off brilliantly.  Some improved their standing with me by delivering packages that added positively to their TV personae.  Some early frontrunners took some stumbles.  All in all, it was an erudite night of television, and the best offering from So You Think You Can Dance this season.  (Could it have something to do with the distinct lack of Tyce?  Hmmm…)
Let’s look, shall we?

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  • Is Alex the one who couldn't get on the show last year because he was under contract?

  • In reply to Ashby:


  • In reply to Ashby:

    Thought so, I just watched the video. That's the best the show has ever been. He's ridiculous. Now I'm kinda pissed I chose to skip this season.

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