Best of the Thursday Night TV Comedies (Part 1) - 5/6

Everyone was pretty much back on their games last night.  The Office was Le Suck, which is pretty par for the course these days.  The lameness of The Office was only emphasized by the fact that Community and Parks & Recreation delivered two of their best episodes of the season.

Witness: Post-modern Disco Stu going all “Warriors, come out and play” on our beloved study group (Really, just go to Hulu and watch the entire Community episode.  It was that good).

Ron Swanson got a tongue bath from a cute little puppy on Parks & Rec.

Detlef Schrempf and Tom bonded over some lite beers. (But after you’re done watching these clips, go watch the whole episode.  I didn’t show you anything about Ron’s sleep fighting and master caning.  Or the sanitation worker who’s knee-deep in “hot snatch.”  Yes, he said those words.)


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  • I have now watched that third clip with Tom and Detlef about ten times today. Brilliant.

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