Go Dawgs! - Fun Facts About Basketball's New Darling

butler_bulldog.gifHammervision is ever so proud that our tiny little alma mater has made it to the finals of the NCAA basketball tournament for the first time ever.

Here are 10 Important Facts you need to know about Butler University that have nothing to do with the movie Hoosiers.
1. The Holcomb Observatory and Planetarium is home to the largest telescope in Indiana.  Related fact: I never once set foot in either the Holcomb Building or the Planetarium in four years at Butler.
2. The trees on the path leading from ResCo (the building with the blue windows) to Lilly Hall smell like sperm.
3. Jim Jones (yes, that Jim Jones) attended night school at Butler University and received a degree in secondary education.
4. Author Kurt Vonnegut attended Butler, but did not graduate from there (he had no better than a C average).  He later received an honorary degree.
5. A notable Chicago-related alumnus is Corey McPherrin, sports anchor for FOX-Chicago.
6. On the Butler University website, the directions to the campus from Chicago clearly state that you should exit off of I-65 and take I-465 East to Meridian Street.  This is very clever on the part of the Butler brass, who are trying to attract new students.  Taking I-465 is not the fastest way to the school, but it is the most scenic.  Meridian is a gorgeous stretch of road flanked on both sides by stately old manors.  The real best way to get to Butler will take you down the ghetto paradise that is 38th Street.
7. The basement of Robertson Hall, which used to house student produced theatrical productions, was haunted.  Now the ghost has probably been trapped behind all the new drywall.
8. Clowes (pronounced “Clues”) Memorial Hall, one of the premiere theatrical venues in all of Indianapolis, is located on Butler’s campus.
9. The Blue Book was invented at Butler University.  You’re welcome, Earth.
10. The orange basketball was invented by Butler coach Tony Hinkle, for whom legendary Hinkle Fieldhouse (which, yes, was featured in the movie Hoosiers) was named.

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