From Ed's Loving Family: It Ain’t Over Until the Fat Lady Sings

By Ed Hammerman’s Loving Family

So goes the old adage that is quite politically incorrect. But Ed Hammerman was a proud member of the politically incorrect club, possibly its president. So the calorie-challenged lovely lady has sadly sung the solemn note we had hoped not to hear so soon.

Ed’s cancer and valiant fight for the last several years got the best of him today, June 23, 2017 just shy of his 78th birthday. Ed would be describing in great detail all the specifics of his last treatments and the beyond wonderful care provided by his family and hospice workers. He’d likely even recommend the hospice facility just as he recommended the many travel destinations, theatrical performances and events he attended with Wifey over the years.

Ed likely didn’t give a hoot about astrological signs but for those who know a Leo, what a Leo he was! It’s been said that for Leos, life’s not worth living without an audience. You, dear readers, have been his greatest audience and an incredibly life-affirming aspect of his retirement years. Thank you for reading, responding and sharing Hammerman’s Words of Wisdom.

And if you run into Ed on the other side, yell out “O-H!” and you’ll hear back a proud and thunderous “I-O!”

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