From Ed's Loving Family: It Ain’t Over Until the Fat Lady Sings

By Ed Hammerman’s Loving Family So goes the old adage that is quite politically incorrect. But Ed Hammerman was a proud member of the politically incorrect club, possibly its president. So the calorie-challenged lovely lady has sadly sung the solemn note we had hoped not to hear so soon. Ed’s cancer and valiant fight for... Read more »

Ah, the joys of aging!

As many of you know getting old sucks. But here is a story designed to protect the innocent and heap scorn upon the guilty. No names will be used in this true story but many of you will be able to identify the guilty. Passover is upon us and as it is a family holiday... Read more »

My Cancer Treatment Has Changed

A New Direction In My Cancer Treatments – An Ever Changing Saga!   Recently, I wrote about my cancer returning, if it ever actually went away! Well once again things are markedly different.   When we returned to Chicago two weeks ago, it was to have my bladder removed because the cancer was “in situ”,... Read more »

Your Cancer Has Returned

“Your Cancer Has Returned”   Not Exactly What I Wanted To Hear   I know there is confusion regarding the aforementioned statement. Here’s some background.   Every three months for about a year and a half I have undergone a procedure where my urologist knocks me out and does a cystoscopic exam to make certain... Read more »

Your Call Is Very Important To Us....Not!

How Much Time Do We Waste While Waiting For The Next Representative?   Everytime you turn around you are told how important your call is to the service department you’ve called. Then you are put into a group of people who are waiting just like you to talk to a representative.   More often than not... Read more »

Do You Really Want To Use Trivago For Hotel Reservations? We Don't

“Sorry We Don’t Have A Reservation In That Name”   Or Why Using Trivago May Not Be The Best Option   Here’s the picture: Wifey and I are standing at the Reservation Desk at the Wynn in Las Vegas.   They don’t know us!   Just a mite disconcerting since we’ve already given our car... Read more »

Jews And Chinese Food - An Ageless Story

Jews And Chinese Food – An Ageless Story.   Everyone has heard the old stories about Jewish people eating Chinese food on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. There are many reasons for this on-going ritual.   One reason is really quite simple: most restaurants are closed for the Christmas holiday. But not the Chinese. Simple... Read more »

On Jews And Christmas Trees

Sometimes It’s Difficult To Explain To Well-Meaning Christians Why We Of The Jewish Faith Don’t Have Christmas Trees.   It happened again the other day at the track. I was walking with two women, one Jewish, one Christian. When the latter asked the two of us why we didn’t have a Christmas tree. To this... Read more »

I Couldn't Resist Using This Space To Reflect Upon The Appointments Of The New Administration

  I usually refrain from writing about politics in my blogs.   Instead, I use Facebook to publish my rants.  But now with the election of the most unqualified candidate to ever win the presidential race, I must comment on the coming administration.   If what we’ve seen so far is an example of who... Read more »


For $200, A Customer Was Lost   How not to treat a good customer is a lesson that Viking River Cruises has yet to learn. As many of you know, Wifey and I recently returned from a wonderful Viking trip on the Danube.   At this point in time, I don’t care how highly they... Read more »