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5K Training

I never thought I would be posting about 5K training but this year I have big goals I want to accomplish. I’m excited to announce that I have registered for a 5K in April and I want to run the whole time. I have done a couple of 5Ks but I would walk the event.... Read more »

Became a Gym Regular! Inspiring Chicagoan, Stacie

Became a Gym Regular! Inspiring Chicagoan, Stacie
Last year 2011, while I was working out at Zip Fitness, this girl approached me and said her friend told her that I worked out here too. In my mind I was trying to place which person she was referring to and how would I know her. After I realized that it was a mutual... Read more »

Ab work out ideas

Since I have been working out for a year, I have learned different ab routines that I have personally seen results.  I am not a personal trainer nor an expert.  My fitness club has a program called ActivTrax that I can get a computer generated work out based on my strength test I did in... Read more »

What is Gwynspiration for Weight Loss?

Hello and Welcome to Gwynspiration for Weight Loss blog on Chicago Now.  My name is Gwyn and I hope to help inspire others with weight loss tips, fun fitness in the Chicagoland area, and establish new goals to better yourself. I do not claim myself as an expert on weight loss but I have learned... Read more »