Relaxing when stressed

Relaxing under the weeping willow tree.
The wind rushes past the long branches and leaves of the willow tree with a swooshing sound. The long branches seem to dance elegantly with the wind.  I lay my blanket down and relax looking up at the willow tree.
I breath in and exhale.  My arm hairs stand up with the cool breeze.  I bring the blanket closer to me.  I close my eyes to hear the rustling of the leaves.
I’m at peace and feeling calm in my world.
When I feel stressed in my life, I picture that willow tree I loved so much as a child.  We even named it Harry because of the long branches were like hair.
This tree was our Tarzan branch vine to swing from. We would get on top of our bikes and swing from the branches.  I was the tree’s guardian because I would prevent my brother’s friends from swinging on Harry. 
Harry gave us a vast amount of shade that was much needed.  As a kid you stayed outside all summer until the street lights came on.  The tree was a great tree to picnic under.
Thinking about Harry reminds me of a time when life was simple and happy. Always find your peaceful place in your mind that you can picture when stressed.
Being stressed causes negative physical responses that you don’t need in a healthy lifestyle. Please share ideas of your way of relaxing when stressed or what you picture in your mind of a peaceful place.

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