Getting sleep for weightloss

Getting sleep for weightloss
When you get enough sleep, your body functions better in cognition, digestion, and energy levels.  This results in weightloss.  Think it as giving your body a chance to refresh for the next day.

I wished it was easier said than done. 

I personally have a hard time getting enough sleep especially when I’m tending to a baby.
After work, I get dinner on the table, help with homework of my 10 year old, and tend to my 12 month old.  I end up falling asleep watching tv or feeding my baby. I’m waken up because my hand has fallen asleep or the 10 pm alarm goes off to give my baby her heart meds.

I don’t recall the last time I had uninterrupted sleep.  There seems to be some kind of issue that conflicts with my sleep and staying asleep. I strive for that sleep and especially to have weightloss be the result.  As I type this blog post, my baby woke up after falling asleep and I have dinner to put away.

I feel what keeps me from going to bed at a decent time is the building list of chores.  I bet you can relate to this situation. If you neglect it, the chore will become bigger and never go away.  I have my 10 year old son to help out with chores so my load is less.   

Weight Watchers use to have an app that would track your sleep. I know the different activity trackers can track how long you slept and how much you moved around at night. I found this helpful in discovering how much sleep you get.

Another way to get more sleep is to relax with a hot shower or bath. I need to get better sleep so I start the weightloss and feel better about myself.

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