Tracking your food Thursday

Tracking your food

Tracking your food can be done numerous different ways.  You can track food by taking pictures of your food on your phone each day.  You can audio track your food by telling what you ate each day on a video or voice recorder.  Lastly you can track your food by writing it down either on an app or in a journal you write in.

If you not use to tracking your food, I suggest you start with at least one meal each day and then increase to other meals until it becomes a habit.  Tracking your food will help you see what foods you are typically eating and how often you are eating which kinds.  It can help you to discover trigger foods for certain times of the month or stressful times.

When I first started tracking my foods in a food journal, I discovered I was eating a lot of salty foods that was causing me to retain water.  I cut back on my salty foods such as Canadian bacon and chips mid week before weigh in and I discovered that my efforts showed on the scale.  Tracking your food can be your best data collection tool.

I found that if I had a really great week, I would just repeat that another week for inspiration.  I also found that if I stayed to the same foods months on ends and didn’t switch it up, that my body would get use to it.  It would get use to it by not losing weight or gain that week.  Always keep in mind to switch things up with different foods so your body is always guessing.

Each day of the week my Gwynspiration closed group on facebook has a different themed day.  Today is Tracking Thursday.  I challenge you to start tracking.  If you track then report below how many days you successful tracked and what is your new goal this coming week.

tracking your foods

tracking your foods

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