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Empowering words to your New Year new you!

Develop empowering words Each year I develop a vision board with empowering words to help me to stay focused on my goals for the year.  I try not to set New Year’s Resolutions because those do not stick or I feel disappointed if it doesn’t go as I planned them.  These empowering words become a... Read more »

Inspired by Erin because of her fit pregnancy

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Fit Pregnancy I attached a video from my fellow Fitbloggin friend Alan’s YouTube Channel of the bootcamp workout I did in Portland with Erin.  You can spot me in a multi-colored shirt and black pants.  I have short hair. In case you didn’t notice but Erin is about 6 months pregnant and she was running... Read more »

The girl I use to be 100 lbs ago

The girl I use to be 100 lbs ago
Girl I use to be The girl I use to be was ashamed of how she let herself get to be so overweight.  She hated going shopping because the styles she wanted to wear wouldn’t fit her anyways. The girl I use to be was depressed and wanted to sleep a lot.  She had no... Read more »