Inspired by Erin because of her fit pregnancy

Fit Pregnancy

I attached a video from my fellow Fitbloggin friend Alan’s YouTube Channel of the bootcamp workout I did in Portland with Erin.  You can spot me in a multi-colored shirt and black pants.  I have short hair.

In case you didn’t notice but Erin is about 6 months pregnant and she was running with us.  She inspired me with her fit pregnancy.  Her blog features a Pregnant Jock section.  Check out it out here Erin‘s blog.

fit pregnancy picture from Erin's blog

fit pregnancy picture from Erin’s blog

Her inspiration means a lot to me because I would like to announce to all my Gwynspiration fans that my boyfriend, Joe and I are expecting a baby August 24, 2014. I lost 100 lbs and want to stay healthy and fit.  I want a fit pregnancy.

I need to be there for my son and now this new miracle growing inside me.  The Spring of 2011, I was told I wouldn’t be able to have a child because I was obese.  This was due to the fact that I was ovulating.

I am so blessed to have changed that.  This is a blessing and I know that all will work out.  I will continue to be Gwynspirational.  I can share my weightloss ideas and now fit pregnancy tips.

Thanks Erin for inspiring me and letting me know that I too can have a fit pregnancy.  There is no reason to stop working out just because I am pregnant.  I may have to do things differently but I can keep up my healthy regiment.
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