Empowering words to your New Year new you!

Develop empowering words

Each year I develop a vision board with empowering words to help me to stay focused on my goals for the year.  I try not to set New Year’s Resolutions because those do not stick or I feel disappointed if it doesn’t go as I planned them.  These empowering words become a mantra that you repeat to yourself through out the day or post the word around your house.

My first year of weight loss, my empowering words were determination and believe.  I would do what ever it took to get to my goals and that took determination.  I also believed I was worthy of a healthy lifestyle and to become whom I set my mind to.

My second year of weight loss, my empowering words were change and challenge.  That’s when I set the goals to run a 5K, half marathon, and full marathon.  I also participated in different workouts such as boot camp, yoga, and Pound.  I also was empowered to change a toxic marriage I had been enmeshed in for 7 years.  We tried counseling but that is hard when people don’t want to change.

This year my empowering words have been blessings and rise to the top.  I acknowledge the continued blessings upon my family and am grateful for them daily.  I believe I will continue to see my life  blessed.  I always set goals that I can challenge myself to become a better version of myself.  I will rise to the top in all that I do.

Your year should be about empowering who you want to become and set the goals in forward motion so you feel productive.  Always learn from last years mistakes and build from them.  No one is perfect and we learn along the way.  Don’t give up on your theme for the year and embrace it.  You ARE worth it and can become who you want to become.

I would love to hear what empowering words you have decided on for your year of new you.  I asked Gwynspiration fans on facebook earlier this year and I put together a picture of the words they told me.

empowering words

empowering words

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