Sharing healthy recipes: Roasted Turkey Half Breast from Nosh My Way

Sharing healthy recipes: Roasted Turkey Half Breast from Nosh My Way
Lemon Roasted Turkey Half Breast Recipe

Sharing Healthy Recipes:

I’m excited to share healthy recipes with you from different blogs.  I believe adding variety to your  lifestyle with new healthy recipes keeps you motivated to continue on.  I’m confident to post about fitness, healthy habits, and mental wellness.  I have shared what I eat but not a lot of recipes on my blog

I was grateful to meet other bloggers at Fitbloggin that have healthy recipes to share.  Marlene was gracious to share her healthy recipe for Gwynspiration for Weight Loss readers to enjoy.
Hi my name is Marlene Baird and I blog over at Nosh My Way.  I met Gwyn at Fitbloggin ’13.  While I was overwhelmed by everything as it was my very first fitbloggin experience, what makes it so special are people just like Gwyn.

With incredible strength and determination, you leave the conference with a new-found outlook on life and about 200 new friends.  I am honored to guest post today for Gwyn. But before I continue, I thought I would share a little about me.

I was born and raised in San Francisco, California.  My parents immigrated from the Island of Malta to have a better life in America.  I am a middle child and have middle child syndrome.  If you aren’t a middle child you will never understand this.

My mom always cooked healthy as most Mediterranean people do.  She always let us eat what we wanted and for the most part it was healthy foods.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a chocoholic, after all. And I love McDonald’s French Fries way too much.

My weight loss project is still ongoing.  I thought I had it all figured out when I lost the weight the first time.  Wrong.  I gained it all back and 10 pounds more.  So the project continues.

And now for my recipe…

With the beginning of Fall and holidays around the corner I thought I would share a simple Lemon Roasted Turkey Half Breast.

healthy recipe of lemon roasted turkey breast

healthy recipe of lemon roasted turkey breast

This recipe is great for many reasons.  One being the amount of time it takes to cook. Folks, I am telling you, if you are not serving a large group this is they way to go.
If you do have a larger crowd, you can make two side by side and you will still be out of the kitchen and sitting with your guests in no time.

We all know that turkey breast is the healthiest part of the bird so this makes it a win win situation, Right?  I hope you enjoyed my post and my recipe too.  To get the full recipe click here.
Stop by and check out all of my other healthy recipes, I am sure there is something for everyone.
Thank you Gwyn for this opportunity to post on Gwynspiration.

Gwynspiration: Thanks Marlene for agreeing to post.  This is such a great recipe and I can’t wait to try it out.  You’re such a joy to read and know.

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