Reflection on how my personal trainer helped me

Reflection on how my personal trainer helped me
reflection on how my personal trainer helped me

Reflection on how my personal trainer helped me

I wanted to put together a reflection on how my personal trainer helped me as a tribute to a dynomite person that everyone should have known.  My personal trainer was Debbie Caputo.  The Spring of 2010, I decided to join my local park district’s weight loss group called Dance Your Gut Off.

I knew that I had gained all my weight back from when I lost it back in 2008 and really wanted a boost to get back in the weight loss trend.  Joining this program at the park district seemed to be the program best suited for me because it had Zumba two times per week and personal training one time per week.

I was able to meet Debbie, my personal trainer and I remember the first day she really kicked my butt with a boot camp workout.  I recall flipping over tires, pulling her on the sled, and whipping a rope.  I thought to myself, what was I getting myself into.

She always would yell, “come on Gwyn, push it.  You can do it.  Give it all you got!  You’re not working hard enough.  You got this!”  I pushed harder because she was screaming at all of us to push harder.  I recall not wanting to let her down.

Back to the reflection on how my personal trainer helped me.  She helped me to know I was not alone in this fight and that I can accomplish all that I set my mind to regardless of what others thought.  She was tough and wouldn’t allow me to give up because she believed in me.

During that time I was maintaining my weight because I was still eating what ever I wanted with no portion control.  This program really helped turn the wheels in my fight to a healthier self.

In 2012, I was able to go to Debbie and tell her how she helped me.  I recall saying thank you for giving me the push I needed in order to get healthy.  She was happy to find out that I was working out but sad that I was at a different gym.  She said I can’t default you on that because your getting healthy.  She was proud of me for losing weight.

She was honored that I would come back to thank her and update her on my journey.  I found out later that she was suffering from cancer and that following Christmas her fight ended her life.  I honored her that day by doing walking lunges with weights and hearing her voice pushing me on.

please check out her story in the Bolingbrook Patch post.  She truly was a gem that helped me push to be a better Gwyn despite the sore muscles and doubt in my mind.  I truly am thankful for Debbie and I will cherish the memories.


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