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Organic herbs:

The end of June 2013, I went to the conference called Fitbloggin which took place in Portland, Oregon.  The Thursday of the conference, we went on a tour of Multnomah Falls and to the Trout Lake Farm to learn about Nutrilite’s Organic Herbs.  I jumped at the opportunity because I have never seen a real waterfall nor learned how organic herbs are farmed.

The Nutrilite staff were so accommodating during the tour and lively.  We had a sack lunch while on the coach tour bus. Our stop to Multnomah Falls was brief but well worth the pictures I was able to capture.  I felt at peace seeing the beauty of nature.

When I walked up the trail to the different falls, I was excited to not be out of breath while walking up.  I consider that a non scale victory in itself.  I thanked God for my many blessings to experience all that I have experienced with this journey of a healthy lifestyle.

We were greeted by the head farmer at the Trout Lake Farm.  We were able to get out to explore the different herbs and farm equipment.

We learned at the farm that organic herbs are grown on a rotation schedule so the soil is not robbed of its nutrients.  We also learned that they do not use any chemicals to fight weeds or insects from eating their crop.  They use spiders or ladybugs to eat the insects that threaten the herbs.  They have a crew of farmers to pull weeds every day.

Nutrilite has a farmer program that allows individuals to learn how to farm so they can go back to their country to pass on what they learned to their village.  I really liked that they empathized that their vitamins are not a replacement for eating but a supplement to your lifestyle.  They encourage you to “color yourself healthy” by eating veggies and fruits.

Quoted from Nutrilite’s website, “Plant nutrients are essential to good health. That’s why health experts recommend eating a rainbow of different brightly-colored fruits and vegetables every day. Unfortunately, most people don’t reach the recommended goal of 9-13 daily servings very often – so many of us miss out on some important health benefits.”  This is why their vitamins are a supplement for your healthy lifestyle.

We were gifted with a supply of our own vitamins and a yoga bag.  I felt like a honored guest there because they also fed us well at the restaurant.  I had such a great time meeting the different health and wellness bloggers.

I would like to share a  fun memory of being an opportunist for movement.  First let me tell you that I was tired of being on the bus because ride was 2 hours and the tour was on the bus.  Therefore, my new friend Alexandra from Fun and Fit Blog and I decided to fast walk around the bus while we were waiting for other bloggers to get to the bus.  Alexandra kept on saying, “If I catch you, you will have to do push ups for me.”

I had such a great time.  I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything.  I also have added the regiment of taking vitamins again in the morning and in the evening.

I put together a photo gallery below with pictures from the falls, organic herbs, and what we were treated to for lunch and snacks.  Sharla (blogger of Journey of 26.2 miles) was the live blogger for the tour and she did a great job recapping our tour.  Please check out her Live Fitbloggin post.

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