I exposed for all to see body and soul

I exposed for all to see body and soul


I am participating in the exposed movement from Eating Journey because I want to celebrate who I was and who I have become.  I first heard about this exposed movement from Brooke Not on a Diet blog post.  I thought if she can do it, I sure can too.  She’s so inspiring.

I use to delete pictures of me when I started seeing my double chin and hair growing under the chin.  I learned a technique from a friend to hold the cell phone up high and look up into it.  This would create the illusion that I didn’t have a double chin.

I love pictures of myself now and I only delete them when my hair is out of place.  I also want people to see what my life is about and capture all my moments because I am exposed.

hold up the cell phone to take picture so double chin doesn't show.

hold up the cell phone to take picture so double chin doesn’t show.

The physical aspects of me are enhanced due to losing 100 pounds within the last 2 years. I’m exposed by not holding back for a bikini picture.

I talk about my loose skin in this blog post and how my self esteem has changed for the better.  My spirit has blossomed so much in the past 2 years with my new body that I celebrate all my accomplishments.

When I gained 80 lbs in 3 years, my keloids (scars that don’t stop scarring) grew rapidly on my chest and shoulders. I felt like a freak show because it seemed like everyone would stare at them or kids would say ewww what’s that as they pointed at me.

I’m more confident in myself that I don’t worry about what others do not understand.  I can’t do anything about the Keloids because doctors have just had trial runs with ways to eliminate them.  My Keloids don’t define who I am nor hold me back.

If I focused on the negative and wished my body was this and that, I would be missing the big picture.  The big picture is the celebration of what I can do and my beauty through out.

I exposed myself to show the celebration of what my body can do.  I have accomplished getting my Masters Degree in Social Work.  I will become a Weight Watchers Leader.  I am strong, determined, loving, caring, helpful, artist, and a clarinet player.  My body can leg press, lift weights, sing, draw, create life, dance, run and support life.

If I didn’t love myself today, I wouldn’t have the strength to take care of myself mentally.  I discovered this year that I was a co-dependent because I tried to save my husband from alcohol.  I was bogged down and going insane trying to control the situation.

What I have learned that addiction is similar to losing weight, you can’t make someone change if they do not want to change.  I had to want to change in order to lose weight and that had to happen with my husband.  We have been separated since July 2013 and I am working on a stronger Gwyn.

Think about what your body has done for you through this journey and celebrate those accomplishments.  I would love to hear what those exposed accomplishments are.  Please comment below.

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