First time running in the Chicago Marathon thoughts and tips

First time running in the Chicago Marathon thoughts and tips
running in the chicago marathon

Running in the Chicago Marathon

I can’t believe that I will be running in the Chicago Marathon a week from today: October 13, 2013 at 8 am central time.  I’m a ball of emotions to this fact coming up so quickly.  I have doubt, nerves, excitement, and triumph.

I shared on my personal facebook page that I was running in the Chicago Marathon but I was having negative thoughts about my ability to get to the finish line.  In a perfect world, I would keep to my training with Bright Pink and feel strong.  I wasn’t able to keep to my training due to my personal crisis of home life.

I was able to raise all the money I needed to help Bright Pink.  You can still donate to my site by going to this link.  The picture of the poster is what I made for the successful raffle I had at Danny’s Pub in Naperville, IL.  I’m happy to have the fundraising past me because I know that Bright Pink will use it for a great cause for woman.poster

I don’t feel prepared at all and keep on tearing up with the thoughts that I will let so many people down if I quit now.  It sure wouldn’t be Gwynspirational if I said thanks everyone but I’m staying home.  I am running in the Chicago Marathon.  I have some amazing friends that offered some great pointers on how to get ready for race day.

My Marathon for Healthy Habits Challengers have pledged to virtual run with Gwyn on Sunday to encourage me.  Among 42 challengers, they have put together a marathon and they are working on another marathon in miles.  This is so touching and moving to have this much encouragement.

I  would like to share a fellow Chicago Now blogger’s post, Holly, on how to prepare for the day of the Chicago Marathon.  Please check out her very insightful blog post by clicking here.  Holly was inspired by my worry that she decided to type this blog post up.  Thanks for sharing, Holly.  I am worried about blisters on my toes and a friend said second skin would be helpful to form an extra barrier.

Here is the email I got from Bright Pink’s trainers to give us encouragement during the final week:

Tips for navigating race week!

 SLEEP Get as much sleep as you can leading up to race day. Pre-race nerves will sometimes cause you to lose sleep the night before an event, making it even more crucial to ensure you get a good sleep in the 2 or 3 evenings prior to event day!

HYDRATE Stay well hydrated with both water and low-calorie electrolyte-rich drinks.

EAT RIGHT Don’t eat a huge “carbo-loading” meal the night before the race. Carbo-loading to top off your glycogen stores is best performed 2-5 days out from your race day and best accomplished when you eat immediately after your last few workouts.  So plan your runs this week and try your best to ensure you fuel up with healthy foods after each workout!

LAY OUT YOUR GEAR Don’t wait until the night before race day. Lay out your gear at least 2-4 days before your event to ensure you have everything you’ll need on race day

CHECK WEATHER FORECAST Make sure you’re prepared for whatever mother nature plans to deal you. Rain jacket? Sunscreen? If race morning is cool but is forecasted to warm up quick, then plan to wear layers or use the old fashioned trick to keep yourself warm at the starting line…. poke three holes in a garbage bag and wear it like a poncho… inexpensive and effective!

STAY OFF YOUR FEET The day before the race, avoid spending time at packet pickup expos or sightseeing around town. Kick your feet up and stay off your feet as much as possible.

NOTHING NEW ON RACE DAY Don’t be tempted by what other runners are doing, wearing, eating, or talking about. Don’t buy and wear a brand new shirt or try out a new nutrition product.  Stick with what you know works and what you trust from training.

VISUALIZE Spend a few minutes each day walking through your event day from waking up to returning home. Visualize smiling and soaking up the atmosphere. Visualize your race day nutrition and hydration plans. Visualize crossing that finish line!

THINK VICTORY LAP The true journey was in the training you completed. What brought you to the start line is truly the accomplishment, and crossing the finish line is just the final victory lap celebration. Think about it… over 95% of the miles you log are from training, not from event day. Take pride and a sense of accomplishment in knowing this and you’ll more fully enjoy the victory lap that is race day!

SMILE, HAVE FUN, AND ENJOY!!! Smiling, cheering, and supporting others will help boost your mood on event day, so don’t ever forget that you’re doing this for FUN… so high five some people, soak up the atmosphere, and ENJOY!!!

I really like this email and I hope you find it helpful too.  I will complete the marathon.  I am not worried about time.  I will finish.  I will finish.  I WILL finish.

If you would like to track by progess you can enter in my bib number 49135 at this website.  Thanks so much for all your donations and encouragement to make this possible.
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