Advantages of drinking water and how to make it a habit

Advantages of drinking water and how to make it a habit
advantages of drinking water

Advantages of drinking water

After a few weeks of the Marathon of Healthy Habits Challenge, drinking water was added to the tasks to complete.  There are so many advantages of drinking water and I figured I would highlight them here and give you ideas to how to establish it as a healthy habit.

This habit was not hard for me to establish because growing up we only got pop once a week. My mom was always mixing Crystal Light or making sun tea on our deck.

Before I got back on track with a healthy lifestyle, I drank pop all the time. I recall even drinking it during breakfast. Pop/soda is filled with chemicals, sodium, and corn syrup that is not good for your body.

I started small to getting rid of drinking regular pop to diet. I now drink water, tea, and flavored water.

The advantages of drinking water that I have learned personally are the following:

*helps with digestion,
*your skin will be hydrated and look better,
*muscles need water to fuel them
*enhances organ function
*and appetite control.

Check out these pointers on webmd

I have gotten a lot of compliments on how healthy my skin looks. I tell them healthy eating, drinking, and facial cleanser.

Peace, Love and Low Carb Blog  had an awesome giveaway for a Define fruit infused water bottle that was designed by a 13 year old boy. I love the concept of natural flavoring of fruits used for this water bottle. I may purchase one and tell you all about it

This inspired me to give you tips on how to get excited about drinking water.

I have discovered that I drink more water when it is flavored or in a pretty water bottle. I have put rubber bands around my bottle to remind me of how many ounces I have drank already. When I’m done with the bottle of water, I put it on my wrist.

Try to make it fun and enjoyable, so you stick to the healthy habit. You could even get your family or friends to join in with you. Please share with me how you make it fun or enjoyable.
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