Accomplishing fitness goals

Accomplishing fitness goals

No matter how small nor how huge, accomplishing fitness goals feels exhilarating.  Getting your mind in gear  for accomplishing fitness goals should start with a small obtainable goal.  If you set your eyes on the end result, you will quit before you start.

I’m not saying don’t look at the end result of accomplishing fitness goals, but I am saying don’t overwhelm yourself with too much on your plate.  I never thought I would be standing here today to tell you that I have been accomplishing fitness goals after losing 100 lbs and running the Chicago Marathon was a huge feat!

I have never been a runner nor knew anything about marathons.  I joined Team Bright Pink because the organization helps with education and support of women with ovarian/breast cancer.  They set us up with trainers from Fitness Formula Clubs and Nova Care for running care.

You can still help with my efforts to help Bright Pink with their Bright Pink University classes by donating to this site by clicking here.  My site will be opened until Monday, October 21 at 5pm.

Now back to accomplishing fitness goals that you can in fact do.  I suggest you tell someone of your goal for accountability and maybe they want to join in.  The next step is to commit to it by scheduling it in your phone for a reminder or writing it on a sticky note.

Accomplishing fitness goals need to be broken down into small obtainable tasks that you can do and feel success.  I once had a monthly squat challenge that would start out with 10 squats done for the first day and increased by 10.  Weight Watchers has a monthly challenge of getting moving more and that can be moving  for 5 minutes every 30 minutes.

I have seen people at offices get rid of the office chairs and sit on a yoga ball instead to challenge the core.  The importance is to get the blood flowing more because we sit too much through out the day.  Think about how much you sit through out the day and make a plan to get up more.

After you set those small tasks and schedule them, it is time for action.  I always set up my goals with rewards.  For example, I will work out every other day for at least 30 minutes for the next two weeks.  When I get that accomplished, I will get a new water bottle.

Have your friends and family encourage you along the way when you feel discourage and to celebrate your victories.  If you feel overwhelmed, look over your plan and break it up.  When I first started working out, I accomplished at least 10 minutes on the elliptical.

I would love to hear what fitness goal you plan to accomplish.  Feel free to comment below on this post, like the post and share with your friends.  You can do it!!  I believe in you!

I finished the Chicago Marathon 2013

I finished the Chicago Marathon 2013

I accomplished crossing the finish line of the Chicago Marathon 2013 in 7 hours and I didn’t care about time but to finish.  I had a blood blister that popped at mile 20 that slowed me down and having to walk on the sidewalks due to street cleaning too.  I loved the energy of the crowds, seeing my son at the half marathon mark, and seeing my friend, Anthony, whom is the manager at Zip Fitness with his sign.

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