Preventing college weight gain tips

Preventing college weight gain tips
Gwyn and My Dad when I was preventing college weight gain

Preventing College Weight Gain

I wished I would have looked up preventing college weight gain when I was a freshman of college.  I recall the dining commons was a huge buffet of endless fried foods, sweet and gooey foods or salty goodness.  I would visit the salad bar but that would mean ranch dressing all over the iceberg lettuce topped with sunflower seeds and cheese.

I loved the baked goods the best.  I recall taking extra brownies with me to my class or my dorm room.  I even worked in the dining commons as a student supervisor and would help serve during big college banquets.  If I wasn’t in class or studying, I was around food all the time.

College weight gain is a real thing because majority of the time your studying late hours, eating ramon noodles and joining friends for a midnight run to Denny’s.  You also have food available for you at the college cafeteria.  There is no time to work out because you have classes to go to, papers due, working, late nights studying or hanging out with friends.

senior year Gwyn circa 2002

senior year Gwyn circa 2002

I didn’t think about working out until my Senior year of college when I had gained about 40 lbs.  My university had remodeled the gym so it was exciting to go work out again.  I recall trying to get my roommates to join me but they were not morning people.  I have learned that preventing college weight gain or any gain goes hand in hand with eating healthy and increasing your movement.

It’s also important to surround yourself with supportive friends that will cheer you on.  I gained a lot of my weight from sitting in front of the computer chatting online to random guys.  I recall eating at the computer too.  Preventing college weight gain is about awareness and making it fun.

I was approached by Susan that helped develop these wonderful graphics to help prevent the freshman 15 weight gain.  I really feel these graphics could be printed out in dorm rooms as reminders to help all college students.  I also feel anyone can use these as a guide to what ever age you are.

These wonderful and useful graphics come from and I was given permission to use them.

I challenge you to start a weekly challenge group to get up and move in your dorm.  Try something new and share your accomplishments together.  The freshman 15 doesn’t have to be a fact.  I can become a way of the past. Thanks for reading. Join me on my Facebook Fan page or on twitter, also check out my Gwynspiration Store
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