Loose skin from weight loss

Loose skin from weight loss

I have nothing to hide about my loose skin from weight loss or my excess skin.  I wanted to put it out there.  A lot of people may be curious to what my body looks like after losing 100 lbs and there is no doubt I have loose skin from weight loss.  This is a very sensitive topic and I do put myself out there so please be kind.

I was reading Jenn Hodges’ blog post about her loose skin from weight loss concerns and I was inspired to address my loose skin too.

I feel that having loose skin from weight loss is a reminder to how hard I have worked and to not stop at my goals.  I address my concerns and thoughts in my youtube video that is on this blog post.  I hope you share and like my vlog.  Thanks for being a continued fan of Gwynspiration for Weight Loss.  I’m inspired by all the comments and encouragement I get on my facebook page.


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