Fun Fitness on July 4th: video of Fitbloggin FitMob to inspire

Fun Fitness

There is no reason that July 4th should NOT be filled with fun fitness of more fitmob action at your local picnic, mall, bank, and store.  Why should we just watch the fireworks and not burn calories?

Why not get involved in fun fitness and dance your way to the beat of the fireworks or dance like Madagascar Katy Perry’s Firework song.  Who said you have to pull up the picnic bench and eat all that you can eat on July 4th?

I believe no one said that.  It’s about freedom of our country not freedom to eat what the hell you want to eat.  It’s not about freedom of your bellying hanging over.

While your talking to your friends at the gathering you can be walking in place or doing lunges.  You can get involved in a game of volley ball or basketball.  Have a dance off with your friends/family.  That would be cool if you could get Great Aunt Ruth dancing to Thrift Store Song.

I don’t know about you but I find dancing fun and when your with friends, you don’t even know it’s exercise or a chore.  I challenge you to get involved and have fun this July 4th.  Please tell me about it.

The fun fitness video I posted with this was taken at the Fitbloggin conference I went to.  I was able to participate in the Fitmob dance and had a blast practicing at home and at work.  See if you can spot me out in my Gwynspiration for Weight  Loss shirt and pink skirt.fitmobdance

The video was posted by a fellow blogger friend named Alan and you can find his inspiring blog at Sweating until Happy.  Margo arranged all of the videos before we got together.  You can find her inspiring blog at This is Nacho Mama’s Blog.

Dancing brings such happiness to me and humor.  I laugh at this video and remember the great moments of this weekend.  I forever will remember this experience and strive to make more memories.  Fitmob all the way baby!!!

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