Body measurements after losing 100 pounds.

Body measurements

I put together this body measurements vlog to show how my body has changed since losing 100 lbs.  I lost a total of 44 inches.  Saying those numbers doesn’t hold as much clout as much as showing the difference.  I’m blown away with the difference.

I even cried happy tears after re-viewing the vlog post on YouTube.  I can’t believe how much my body has changed for the better in 17 months.  I’m encouraged and amazed.

If you’re ever doubting yourself, look back at where you use to be and give yourself credit for taking the time to get healthy now.  It’s not about the big numbers on the scale.  I would like to point out that the scale can be very misleading to where you are at now.  In other words, the scale doesn’t tell you how much you gained in muscle mass and weight can change based on water retention.

I like to weigh myself in the morning so the issue of water retention is less of an issue.  I encourage you to take the time to get your body measurements as soon as you can.  Thanks for your continued encouragement by reading my blog posts.

I would appreciate if you take the time to comment on this blog post about your  healthy journey and changes you have noticed.  I love hearing from you.

feeling fantastic

feeling fantastic



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