Marathon of Healthy Habits Challenge

Marathon of Healthy Habits Challenge
Marathon of Healthy Habits starts July 7

Marathon of Healthy Habits Challenge

I’m excited to launch my newest Healthy Habits Challenge that will start July 7 and go until October 26.  I decided to call it Marathon of Healthy Habits for several reasons.  First of all I want to say that establishing healthy habits is not a sprint but a long term behavior process, like a marathon.  Also I’m training for the Chicago Marathon with Team Bright Pink and find the support of this running team important.  I believe having support in this weight loss journey is important too.

If you want to join, email me at to let me know and donate a minimal of $10 to Bright Pink fund raising site at thanks so much.

No one should feel alone with establishing healthy habits.  Habits are behavior that have become ingrained in us and to change those habits can become uncomfortable or scary.  I have decided to gradually add healthy habits tasks to the chart over the course of the challenge.  I know some people that did the latest challenge were overwhelmed with all the tasks they had to do and quit early on in the challenge.

With my marathon training, I don’t start running 26.2 miles with my team.  We gradually increase the miles as the weeks go on.  I want that to happen with establishing healthy habits.

Teams for healthy habits

I also got the idea from a fellow challenger, Lori W, that we should be paired into teams during the new challenge.  I liked this idea because it kept to the theme of a marathon training mentality.  These teams will be encouraged to keep in touch with each other during the week and the total points given by individuals will be put into the team totals.  Lori W. said no one wants to let down their team and she is right about that.  I ran with Team Bright Pink last Wednesday and I wanted to keep going because I was with them.

Last healthy habits challenge results and feedback:

We started out with 80 participants and 18 challengers stuck it out until the end of the 3 month challenge.  I am so proud of them and we had a great time learning from each other in the closed facebook group.  This newest challenge would have a closed facebook group too.  I believe all participants were winners because they worked on establishing healthy habits one week at a time.

For the challenge aspect, only 3 participants could be winners of the challenge and will be sent a prize by yours truly: Gwyn 🙂

Here are the Winners of the Gwynspiration Healthy Habits 3 Month Challenge:

First place: Diane B………..6330 total points
Second place: Roxanne T….6315
Third Place: Mandy G……..6310

Please email me your address so I can send you all your prizes and stay tuned for upcoming blog posts about these three winners of the Healthy Habits Challenge.



Here are the tasks that will be charted and when you indicate you want to join the challenge, you will be emailed the chart and added to a closed facebook group.

Tracking/journaling foods : I find this task most important of the healthy habits therefore it starts right away in the challenge.

In order to form healthy habits you have to practice them.  The most important healthy habits to start on a solid lifesyle change is tracking or  journaling your foods.  I personally use Weight Watchers’ tracker.  I know there are free apps for I-phone or Smartphone users.  I have heard of the free site My Fitness Pal and Spark People.

Lose weight or maintain weekly: Of course you hope to lose weight each week but maintaining is sure not gaining.

Say positive daily affirmation and post as a reminder: having a positive frame of mind through out the day will help you to exceed your goals.

Activity: Challenge starts at 10 mins of activity every day and works up to 40 mins of activity every day: You have to start some where and small goals are wise when your first starting out.  If your already in the habit of working out then this part will be simple for you

64oz Water (task is added on week 3 of challenge): Water is essential and important to support weight loss.  1 cup of water = 8 fl oz of water.

Eat 5-6 Servings of Fruit/ Veggie daily (task is added on week 5 of challenge): try new recipes to get in all your servings of fruit and veggies and to keep things interesting.  Try to have a balance.  Eating too many fruits will add up your sugar count.

Share non scale victory with group (task is added on week 7 of challenge): weight loss is not just about what you see on the scale there is so much more to the total Marathon of Healthy Habits.  check out some of my non scale victories: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4

Participate in the Mini Healthy Habits Challenge: preview of some

Week 1 (July 7-13): Swap recipes by posting at least 3 different ones on Gwynspiration Group.  Try at least 2 different recipes for the week

Week 4 (July 28-Aug 3): Pack a healthy snack each day this week and register for a 5K walk or run for October (can do a virtual 5K)

Week 7 (Aug 18-24): 50 daily jumping jacks challenge

Week 10(Sept 8-14):get 6-8 hours of sleep 5 out of 7 days this week

Week 14 (Oct 6-12): set a timer to every 30 minutes for movement


Anyone is encouraged to join this challenge.  I don’t get paid for blogging nor establishing these challenges.  I put them together so I can help others get healthy.  I know a great way you can help me for a huge goal I have to achieve by October 13, 2013, that’s by donating a minimum of $10.00 to my charity fundraising for Bright Pink.  None of the money raised goes to me and 100 % goes to help young woman receive support for ovarian and breast cancer.  Please email me at and go to my fundraising site at Stay Classy

Also if you have a friend, co-worker, or family join within the first month of the challenge, you will be entered into a drawing for fitness/wellness stuff that I get at the Fitbloggin conference along with your referred challenger.  We are in this together and if we have people we know in the challenge, we are more likely to stick to it!!

Thanks for your time.  I’m looking forward to this new challenge and I believe we can continue to take on the Marathon of Healthy Habits together!!

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