How to get support for larger breasts when working out.

How to get support for larger breasts when working out.
support for larger breasts when working out

How to get support for larger breasts when working out

I have always been well endowed ever since 6th grade and finding support for larger breasts has been a challenge.  I use to be a 52DDD when I first started losing weight and searching for that supportive sports bra seemed to be a joke.  As I thumbed through the options at the store, I recall thinking, What they don’t think fat people should work out?

When I would have to run the high school mile, I recall keeping my arms close by my chest so they wouldn’t flop while I ran.  This situation made running a chore and embarrassing.  Other large chested women can relate to how much this hurts after the run is done or work out.

I purchased a “uni-boob” tank top sports bra that had purple camo design but it was not high impact supportive last year.

fomer "uni-boob" sports bra not supportive but cute style

fomer “uni-boob” sports bra not supportive but cute style

Five months ago, I invested in a very supportive high impact supports bra that was plain white at Kohl’s.  When I went to meet our trainers at Bright Pink, Joy mentioned that our shoes and sports bra should not have a birthday.  She encouraged us to get fitted and supported.  She made me laugh when she mentioned that she has seen it all flying everywhere during runs of other women.

Joy speaks the truth to that situation.  Women tend to go for style and color instead of support as necessity or function.  I of course want to look cute but in reality I need my girls supported while I run or do any activity.  The latter end, I don’t work out in my sports bra alone.  Maybe at home but I tend to cover them up with a shirt because I sweat so much.

I guess now since my picture is on this blog, I’m kind of exposing myself for all to see.  I would like to say I have worked hard for the results I have now and why wouldn’t I show it off.  I’m not perfect but then again who the heck is.  Future posts I plan to talk about excess skin, my keloids, and body image.

I know my friend, Wendy, did the sports bra challenge in New York and felt empowered.  Oliva Ward from Biggest Loser was there and tons of different women working out in their sports bras.  I think Chicago should have a movement like this because it would be empowering to love yourself no matter what shape you are.

Back to my five months ago bra, this bra started to no work for me because my chest started to hurt after running.  I had talked to some of my friends about support for larger breasts and they mentioned how they double up on their sports bras.  I thought I would do just that.

I purchased 38D sports bra for high impact and XL “uni-boob” tank sports bra to go over it.  I tested it out yesterday while I ran for marathon training and the difference was outstanding.  I felt the support and no more pain while I worked out nor after.  I liked how the high impact sports bra crosses in the back.  I feel supported at all angles.sportsbra1

double support for larger breasts

double support for larger breasts

Do yourself a big favor and don’t become one of those flopping boob runners on Lake Shore Drive that trainer Joy wants to take shopping for a better fitting bra. Invest the time to be fitted and empowered to find support for larger breasts for working out.

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