Weight Loss Success: 25 things celebrated since losing 100 lbs pt2

Weight Loss Success: 25 things celebrated since losing 100 lbs pt2
Weight Loss Success: Leather Pants

Weight Loss Success: 25 things celebrated since losing 100 lbs

I started a list of 25 things that have improved since losing 100 lbs to celebrate my weight loss success.  This list is part 2 of 4.  My first weight loss success list of 25 can be found by clicking on HERE.  I plan to have a total of 100 things listed to celebrate my weight loss success of losing 100 lbs.  I haven’t gotten to 100 lbs lost yet and I’m only 2.2 lbs away.

Weight loss success is not just the number on the scale.  When you sum up your weight loss success to be the number on the scale, you will get so frustrated and want to stop.  I have been developing muscle and losing inches in my pants but have been staying the same weight.  February I made onederlander (under 200 lbs) but I have gone from a size 14 to size 10 pants with only 4 lbs lost during that time.

I had the opportunity to listen to Rachel Cosgrove on A Healthy Revolution Virtual Conference.   She talked about how women can drop two sizes without focusing on the scale because of strength training, eating the right foods and not being a restrictive diet.  I feel my muscle tone has helped me to go down in sizes.  Fat does not have firm structure but muscle does.

Listening to Rachel Cosgrove helped me to feel that I was accomplishing a lot but in a different way (non-scale victories).  It’s healthy to celebrate your weight loss success with non-scale victories.  I feel it has helped me to stay motivated and focused.

Now to my list.  I have included 26-50 improvements since my weight loss.  Celebrate your weight loss success with your own list or a list of the things you want to accomplish.  Stay tuned for the next 25 as I near towards my 100 lbs lost goal.  Cheer me on by commenting below.

I have muscles

I have muscles

26. Have indulges instead of all week and every meal to eat treats
27. Less money spent on pre-packaged food
28. Son looks forward to going outside
29. People eager to help me in the store or approach me
30. Less or no money spent on fast food
31. I get to purchase cute and adorable undergarments 
32. My body does not hit the shower curtain to cause water to run out. (dry bathroom floor)
33. I’m able to tie my shoes without being out of breath (I use to have to stop between each action)
34. more whistles and admired by others (I say thank you and yes I am married)
35. bonding with my son
36. I smile more (my childhood nickname is smiley but I smile more than ever)
37. surrounded myself with like-minded people
38. compliments on my muscle tone (have done strength training at the same time losing weight)
39. Discovered fun fitness (Zumba, Swimming, Playstation Move, TV fitness games, Turkey Shuffle)
40. Chicago Now has opened my world of connections
41. Started Gwynspiration for Weight Loss Blog and Facebook Fan page to help others
42. Dog gets walked more often (Mikey agrees woof woof and wag wag)
43. I don’t know what’s on TV because I’m always moving thanks to Activelink
44. I’m satisfied with 2 slices of pizza with a salad (use to eat the whole pizza and still be hungry)
weight loss success: running in 5K

weight loss success: running in 5K

45. learning about running for fitness

46. I can do 260 crunches
47. I like taking pictures of myself again
48. was in a local TV commercial
49. Told my story on a radio show called the Sports Doctor
50. I fit into a airplane seat with room

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