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068_Image-300x279Discovering my self worth

I’m excited to share my story about discovering my self worth after an abusive relationship and depression.  Heather from Half Size Me contacted me on my facebook page the beginning of the year.  I was honored that she took the time to contact me.  I enjoy telling others about my story of weight loss.

I feel the more opportunities I have to tell my story then more people will be inspired in their own journey.  On my facebook page, I encourage everyone to discover their self worth by positive affirmations, celebrating non-scale victories, and surrounding themselves with like-minded people.  I even put together a text gram about self worth that said “Rise to greatness. I am worthy

I didn’t think my podcast interview with Heather would turn into a self worth story but as I poured out my heart dealing with an abusive relationship and depression, it turned into that theme.  I like how Heather noticed that I didn’t give up despite what was thrown at me.

I’m grateful for my support system of my friends, family, and my faith in God.  I wouldn’t be able to overcome a lot of the really hard life situations without this support system.  I would be honored if you took the time to listen to the podcast interview.  Click on the title that says click here at the top to be directly linked to my interview.  Tell me what you thought of the podcast and share it with others.

As I listened to it again, I got teary eyed with the different aspects of my story.  I feel a lot of different people will be able to relate to some or all of my story.  Recently, I have been pondering if I should write my own story dealing with these struggles and overcoming them with a new sense of self worth. I would not know where to begin to start writing my story.  Maybe it’s something I should look into.

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