Marathon Training: Fitted for shoes at Dick Pond Athletics

Marathon Training: Fitted for shoes at Dick Pond Athletics

After the “meet the trainers event” for my marathon training schedule with Fitness Formula Club, I was excited to get running shoes.  I didn’t know where to begin, but I learned about Dick Pond Athletics from a health fair at Bolingbrook Hospital.  They said they would be able to evaluate my running and determine which shoe would work for me.  Dick Pond Athletics in Lisle, Illinois was super helpful to me so I can get ready for my marathon training.

Dick Pond Athletics’ sale associate, Kailey, helped me with my shoes.  She started me out with a neutral shoe so I could run in them.  As I was running on the treadmill, their laptop was recording me.  We then were able to see my running gait and how the shoes supported my form.  I am not an expert in this so I found a very helpful pdf article about understanding running gait

From that evaluation, there are no concerns to my ankles or knee or footing, so a neutral shoe would help me out just fine.  Kailey brought out a lot of different styles of shoes for me to try on.  I narrowed down a lot of choices based on comfort, design, and cost.  When I was deciding which shoes I wanted to consider, I ran on the treadmill to see how they felt.

I recall a shoe making the tops of my feet hotter.  Comfort is very important.  I learned from Kailey that during the marathon training that my shoes will need to retire because they should get 400 miles to them.  My FFC trainer, Joy, said that shoes and sports bras don’t have a birth date.

I shared with Kailey my goals and my excitement.  She was so encouraging and made the experience so much fun.  Kailey shared how she runs with a college friend during the summer but is part of a team in Iowa for college.  We discussed how easy it is to put on weight fast but hard to get it off.  I recall those freshman 15 oh too well.

I had my shoes and new socks.  I felt empowered that I laced up later that day to run 3.1 miles while my husband cheered me on from his bike.  I would like to point out that I have not ran since my 5K in April.

I feel motivated and excited for this marathon training.  I decided to register for a 10K in Winfield, IL and a half marathon in Naperville to bring me towards the ultimate goal of the Chicago Marathon.  Please consider sponsoring me.  I have to raise $1500 and what I don’t raise has to come out of my own pocket.  I have $85.00 donated in their already.  Thanks to Mike, James, Melody, and Jang for their donations.
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