Weight Loss Success: 25 things that have improved since losing weight pt 3

Weight Loss Success:

I have been putting together a list of 25 things that have improved since losing 100 lbs to celebrate my weight loss success.  This weight loss success posting is part 3.  I have one more part to post so my list will add up to 100 things improved since losing 100 lbs.  Feel free to check out my other weight loss success postings by clicking on here (part1) and (part2) and (part 4).

I haven’t gotten to 100 lbs lost because I’m 1.4 lbs away from that goal so I’m building up the excitement in me to get to that goal.  I have experienced a lot of weight loss success and I know there are people that can relate to my list of improvements since losing weight.  As I have developed this list of improvements, I started to appreciate how far I have come.  It is good to be alive and celebrate all small weight loss success because it all adds up to huge accomplishments.

I would love to hear if you can relate to any of these listed or if they have become one of your goals to improve on.  Your own weight loss success starts with small goals that you can work on little by little.  Weight loss success is not about the number on the scale (no doubt it does feel good), but there is more to weight loss success.  It’s about how you look at life, it’s about knowing that there is no quick fix to weight loss success, and it’s a lifestyle that you mix up to keep interested in.

I decided to put together a photo gallery of my progress with it starting 5 months before I went to work out and join Weight Watchers.  On Gwyspiration for Weight Loss facebook fan page, a fan shared her old picture and realized how far she has come even though the scale was staying the same.  I love that self discovery and encouragement.  I kept my size 24 pants as a reminder because there was a time that those jeans dug into my thighs and I couldn’t wear them anymore.  Always remember and embrace every change in your weight loss success.

When I gain weight one week or stay the same with my weight, I think back to the time when I weighed 100 lbs more and know that wont come back in one week.  It will come back in months of going back to old unhealthy habits, if I was to quit.  I have accepted the fact that this is a lifestyle and I will never be done.  I will switch things up and set new goals to make more lists of improvements.  I hope you start to make your list.  I would love to hear about them.

25 things that have improved since losing 100 lbs to celebrate weight loss success!

51. I don’t get inner thigh boils because my thighs don’t rub anymore
52. My balance has improved
53. spend less money on clothes cause plus sized gets marked up in price
54. started Healthy Habits Challenge (40 participants joined 5 week, 80 participants joined 3 month)
55. I can walk between the workout equipment at Zip Fitness (before I had walk around because my stomach and bottom was in the way)
56. I’m able to hit the high notes in choir because my core is strong
57. I can hold notes longer when singing and louder
58. fit down a water slide
59. stomach doesn’t hit the steering wheel
60. no double chin
61. side handles are diminishing
62. I don’t have a double stomach (it use to fold over twice, now I just have my c-section area that somewhat folds over but not bad)
63. Pants size 24 to size 10 currently
64. I fit in a roller coaster
65. people tell me I inspire them
66. I have lost 45 inches through out my body
67. BMI started at 48.01% and now is 31.85%
68. I’m always setting new goals
69. Learned what a blurpee is from my friend Stacie
70. can do elliptical for 30 mins (started with only 5 minutes)
71. I can do Jacobs Ladder for 5 minutes (started only able to do 20 seconds because I was out of breath)
72. can sit Indian style on the floor and get up
73. I have lost 30% of my starting weight
74. I park further in the parking lot so I can burn more calories
75. I am beautiful, spunking, and loving

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