5K run goal achieved and reflections

5K Run

In January when my friend encouraged me to sign up for the April Fool’s 5K run, I thought this is crazy cause I’m not a runner.  I started the couch to 5K (c25K) program app on my phone and feel that helped me to build up endurance and stamina.  As I trained for the 5K run, I felt more and more confident.

While I was in my 5K run mode Cher was singing to me “Believe, I will get through this, I know I’m strong.”  Ricky Martin was telling me to “Go Go Oye Oye, don’t ever stop, got to be stong, do you really want it reach for the cup of life, we are gonna celebrate.”  “Eye of the tiger, its the thrill of the fight, rising up to the challenge.” K$sha said We are super stars, We are who we are. DeStorm was also telling me “It’s time to take it to the top, I got a extra seat you can roll with me, we’ll be sitting at the top together.” These songs helped me push through the 5K run training.

Here is a link to Women’s Health running music playlists: http://www.womenshealthmag.com/fitness/running-songs

Saturday, April 6th, I went to Bloomington, Illinois Springfield Park for the first April Fool’s 5K run hosted by Ducat Chiropractic and $8000 was raised to help Stepping Stones in Roselle.  My husband and friend Shavon (4 star explorer)came along to cheer me on and my friend, Mike (a personal trainer in Chicago and Beach Body Coach) came to run with me.  I knew he was signing up for the 5K run but I didn’t know he was planning to pace me.

The day was windy and cold but I layered up.  There were roughly around 300 participants from all walks of life for the 5K run.  My husband even said that he was surprised by the variety of different people at the event and maybe he should think about participanting in a 5K too.  Mike and I waited for the race to start in the middle of the crowd.

They had a count down to the start of the race.  I kept on saying to myself, “I can do this, I got this.”  When the signal went off to go, I was excited and pumped.

The beginning of the race was tight because it was a bottle neck start.  As the race went on, the people became spaced out better and it didn’t feel like you would trip over them.  I kept at a 10:40 minute mile pace.  My left shoe came untied twice.  Mike said they make racing shoe laces so you don’t have to tie them.  I will have to look into that later.

I had some difficulties trying to drink the cup of water while running.  Mike showed me how to funnel the cup to get into your mouth and not all over me.  My husband took pictures as we lapped around.  The second lap around, I saw my friend Shavon with her sign that said Way to be Gwynspirational!

I didn’t feel the pressure in your chest as if you were breathing too heavy.  My legs felt great and I was focused to continue to run.  I was enjoying the 5K run.  Mike kept looking at his clock and told me that I was gonna be under my 11 minute mile.

The last lap, I focused on getting to the water station and then to the home stretch.  The finish line transitioned into a grassy straight away.  Mike said,”this is your show and you got this.”  I pushed myself towards the finish line, but I felt like I was gonna throw up.  Mike said to walk it off and he was gonna get me some water.

I didn’t throw up and walked it off.  Shavon and David cheered us on at the finish line.  They posted the times and I completed the 5K run in 33:53.  A week ago, I clocked my 5K run on the treadmill at 37:58.  I was impressed with my accomplishment and abilities.

It was a great day and I’m so glad I had a friend encourage me to register and follow through on my plan.  I’m thankful for the facebook messages and tweets to cheer me on.  Now I need to find a 10K run to accomplish and then a half marathon.

I need to be ready for the Chicago Marathon in October that I am running for charity.  I can’t believe I’m saying I’m going to be running in the Chicago Marathon which is 26.2 miles.  I’m excited because I’m helping an awesome organization called Bright Pink that is for ovarian and breast cancer support and research.

Please consider sponsoring me to help this fantastic organization by going to http://www.stayclassy.org/gwynspiration . I’m trying to raise $1,500 to help young woman with ovarian and breast cancer.

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