Cheat Meals? You're not naughty...It's a lifestyle.

 Cheat Meals?

When I hear I cheated on my diet or I had cheat meals this week?  I’m reminded of a student being sent to the principal’s office for cheating on their test.  The parents are called and major consequences are underway so the student will hopefully stop cheating.  I’m also reminded of the time I was called a cheater at a board game.  Being called a cheater was like a no one should be your friend sentence as a kid.  I am not naughty for having cheat meals.  Cheat meals seems like I’m  shaming or telling on myself.  I rather not call it cheat meals but refer to them as indulgences.  I don’t want to think of myself as bad for indulging in yummy foods that I enjoy.  Before my weight loss journey, I indulged all the time in cheese fries, nachos, tacos, chocolate cake, whole pizza, pasta, seven layered salad, m&m’s, chilli cheese dogs, candy bars, ice cream every night, buttery popcorn, and fried foods.  You can have these kinds of foods but within moderation.  The problem you will run into is not knowing when to stop because it tastes so good.  It’s no secret that fat tastes great.  Fat does have a lot of flavor but when you overindulge is where the weight gain happens.  I will plan my indulging days and make sure I measure out and journal my food that I eat.  Taking the time to eat it and enjoying it because I don’t get it becomes a great reward.  I appreciate the flavors and look forward to it.  I put together pictures of some of my indulging meals and one thing you will notice is that I get salads and a side of fruit with my meal.  Having a well balanced indulging meal helps me to feel on track and satisfied.  I have also learned that when you deprive yourself of something and say, “Oh I can’t have that”, then you want it more and more.  It’s like your mind obsesses over it.  Then you go for the gusto and eat it all.  That’s where you feel guilty and feel like you cheated with cheat meals.  This weight loss journey is a lifestyle that I will do for the rest of myself.  I have to enjoy what I am eating and not get bored so I stay on plan.  Take the time to plan your indulgences for the week or month.  It’s all about control and looking forward to something special because one meal will not do you in.  It’s when you fall off the wagon to keep on eating high fat, high salty and greasy foods.  I also want to point out that you can over do it on fruits and veggies.  Fruits and veggies do have calories and just because you are eating clean doesn’t mean you don’t have to burn those calories.  Take the time to get activity in during the day, even if its for 10 minutes at first.  Life is meant to be enjoyed not shamed because you indulged.  Everyone has to eat and you can’t give it up.  Make sure you add variety to you meals with spices and different colors.  Try different recipes and share a meal with a friend.  Join me on twitter or on facebook

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