Blessing in Disguise: Meeting Running Enthusiast

Blessing in Disguise

You never know who will be a blessing in disguise until you take the time to talk with different people.  In January, Shavon (fellow blogger: 4-Star Explorer) and I ventured out for a fun night of Zumba and Karaoke.  I was hungry and asked to see the menu.  The menu featured sushi and I turned my nose up to the idea at first.  Shavon asked if I wanted to at least check it out.  I thought why not, its a night out and how often do I get out.  Limited.  We left the Karaoke flip book on the table and walked next door to Bob San’s Sushi Bar.  We sat right where all the action was with the fresh ingredients and our chef.  The gentleman behind the counter asked if we had tried sushi before.  I stated that I had tried sushi in college but Shavon was a “virgin” to the food.  He then asked how hungry we were and decided that three different sushi dishes would be enough for us.  I had no idea what to expect.  He explained what a California  Roll was and how it was prepared.  The sushi was so delicious that no roll was left untouched.  He said we will start to crave sushi more often and it’s good to at least try something new.  Through conversation we learned that he was Bob, the owner of Bob San Sushi Bar at 1805 West Division St, Chicago, IL.  It was exciting to meet THE MAN and have him serve us.  He took his time to explain to us how to eat the food and how you can eat ginger to cleanse your palate between different tastes.  He ended up being a blessing in disguise because we found out he was a running enthusiast with his wife.   I shared how I have a goal to run a 5K this April 6 and that I started the Couch to 5K app.  I also shared how I had lost 90 lbs being on Weight Watchers and working out.  I showed him my picture on my phone.  He showed his wife and other workers in the restaurant   He was excited and amazed.  He stated that I looked 10 years younger.  Bob gave me some pointers to my 5K race.  He stated to start out at an even pace and don’t push hard at first.  He suggested I should have someone pacing me and I shared that my friend, Jen will be with me.  He also said at the end of the race you can push hard.  He’s preparing for the New York Marathon.  He stated how he helped a fellow customer run his first 5K and then half marathon but he challenged his customer to stop smoking.  Bob said the customer quit smoking after a year and he was ready to help him train.  Bob said he paced his fellow customer during his first 5K and half marathon.  Bob suggested that Shavon be at my 5K to cheer me on and maybe one of these days she will do her own 5K.  Shavon giggled and later on told me she plans to be at the finish line to cheer me on.  I’m excited about this.  As we were ending our wonderful evening, Bob introduced us to his fellow customer that he helped train for a half marathon and quit smoking.  He also told him about my weight loss and my goal to run a 5K.  I shared my blog business card.  I feel this experience was a blessing in disguise because I received great pointers and positive people in my winning circle.  Having people surround me with encouragement gives me the boost I need to continue on.

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