Weight Loss Tips from ABC's The Revolution

Weight Loss Tips from ABC's The Revolution


I wished this show would have done well because it really helped me for the 6 months it was on the air in 2011.  ABCs The Revolution June 27 episode was the best show cause I got to sit in the taping of it in New York, the hero named Sarah Kiernan lost 83 lbs and they gave weight loss tips so others can start their own Revolution.  I took the time to type up their tips to share with everyone.  These tips I used when I started Weight Watchers, so I am living it and they work.


Make small changes (with big changes you will get overwhelmed)

Make changes in eating habits and exercise daily

Harley says, “it (small changes) all adds up.”

keep a food journal.  (Write it in a notebook or you can find free phone apps). I personally use a phone app and I love it.
Review it by the end of the week.  It helps keep you accountable.

Harley says, “writing has a three step learning factor of process what you ate, recall what you ate (writing it down), and reflect what you ate (reviewing your food journal)”.

eat whole fruit, not drinking them. You get more fiber by eating them. In order to make orange juice, you would have to squeeze 10 or so oranges. You couldn’t eat 10 oranges in one sitting because it fills you up with the pulp intact. The fiber and water in the fruit fills you up and lasts in or your body longer.

Dr Jen says, “don’t drink your calories.” Drink water instead and eat whole fruits.

eat 5 small meals throughout the day. “Graze not gourge”

have a combo of protein and fiber so you feel fuller longer and keep your blood sugars stable.


-Harley’s one mile rule: if where you are going is one mile away or less then walk or bike there (walking the dog, going to the store or meeting friends). Harley does the two mile rule for himself. Studies have shown that 2 miles a day you can loose 18 lbs a year.
If I’m at a strip mall shopping center, I will walk to the stores even if it is across the street. When I pick my son up from school, I walk to get him. I’m saving gas and getting exercise.

Harley says you don’t have to walk two miles in one time, you can break it up throughout the day to equal 2 miles.

-get a pedometer (best investment). Try to get 10,000 steps per day. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park further away from the store, walk into restaurant instead of going into the drive thru, and get off earlier at the train stop and walk the rest of the way.

-at lunch breaks or watching tv: do jumping jacks, sit ups, lunges, and squats.

-get a good nights sleep 7-8 hours. Studies have shown that if you get too much or not enough can hurt. Studies have shown it helps with energy levels, burning body fat, immune system, and overall happiness.

put yourself first
-don’t have to say yes to everything
-allow others to take control
-let go of the guilt

Have a weight goal and inner goal. Inner goal is about inner health, inner beauty, and inner happiness.

Sarah’s tips:

1)do group exercise. Have friends join you.

2)be honest to what you need and want with others so you can be successful. For example: cookies on the counter maybe a trigger so ask roomie or spouse to hide them. Put a fruit bowl out instead.

3) say to yourself “I’m worth it”

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