Overcoming Chicago Winter Blues


Overcoming Chicago Winter blues is a real battle for me and I know many people can relate. i want to offer some creative ways to overcome Chicago Winter blues. First an overview of what it is and looks like. The medical term for Winter blues is Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD.  I’m not personal diagonised with SAD. This disorder happens when our bodies are not exposed to sunlight due to the Winter months.  Then it leaves you depressed, sluggish, wanting to sleep, and unmotivated.

information on SAD

The sun is not shining as much in Chicago and you tend to run into a building to get away from the wind chill. Of course those factors would leave you depressed. I also miss hanging outside to talk to my neighbors. Now I’m inside and the only socialization I get is at work, fitness club and at church. One of the reasons my mom moved to California was because of lack of sunshine. When ever she signs her letters to me, she writes Love from the Sunshine State. I always tell her to send some of that sunshine my way.

I’m determined to produce my own “sunshine” with fun activities that help with a positive and uplifting mood. No one should suffer with winter Blues and it is a serious matter that shouldn’t be ignored.

Here is a list of fun activities that you may want to consider:

*Play a boardgame with the family
*Go Bowling, play laser tag, play indoor mini golf
*Visit Chicago museums
*Have a picnic in your living room by laying down a blanket on the floor and bring out the picnic food
*Play active videogames (Wii, XBox Kinect, Playstation Move)
*Scrapbook with your friends
*Have a dance off session with your friends
*Visit a local ice skating rink to watch a local hockey game or ice skate
*Play basketball at your local YMCA or park district
*Build a snowman (if we ever get snow in Chicago)
*Go sledding
*Organize your closests
*Paint one wall in your livingroom with a feel good mood color
*Have a talent show in your house
*Bake or cook
*Dance to happy music
*Go window shopping at your local mall
*Take a cooking class
*Find a place to paint pottery
*try on fun clothes at the store
*Paint or color a coloring sheet
*Build a model car
*sew a new dress or bag
*Workout at your fitness club or get a groupon to check it out for free if your not a member
*Walk your dog
*Have a phone scavenger hunt at a mall or in your house. As you find the items, take a picture of what you found.
*Go swimming at your local park district or YMCA
*Volunteer at your local pet shelter (animials are great therapy)
*Give people hugs
*Skip down the hall (you’ll laugh at yourself and it helps to produce the feel good brain chemicials of Serotonin, Dopamine, Endorphins)
*Try Gangnam Style Dance (sure laugh at myself when trying this dance)

If your feeling like taking your own life and life would be better with out you here, please seek professional help. Don’t suffer alone because there is hope for you.

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