No Stopping Me Weight Loss and Fitness Goals: Inspiring Chicagoan Jason

No Stopping Me Weight Loss and Fitness Goals: Inspiring Chicagoan Jason
Recent picture of Jason 2013

I see Jason accomplishing weight loss and fitness goals that he is excited about and soaring to the top.  Jason has lost 119 lbs so far and he is reaping the health rewards that comes along with it.  There is no stopping this Chicagoan!

It iswith great pleasure to introduce you to my childhood friend, Jason.  I first met Jason in middle school.  We were in band and choir together.  He was such a lively personality that everyone enjoyed having him around.  He was also so talented in the band and choir.  I recall getting chills when he sang Holy Night at school.  He had a true gift.  We went to different highschools and lost contact with each other.  Facebook brought us back in touch.  In 2011, I had an “Aha” moment from a picture that Jason posted on his timeline.  The picture was so simple but it got me thinking.  He posted a picture of his grocery cart.  I thought to myself what’s in my grocery cart.  I recall having little to none fresh produce.  I had frozen meals, pizza, sugary cereal, nachos, hotdogs, Hamburger Helper meals and Little Debbie snacks.

Here is the picture that got me thinking:

Jason's picture that got me thinking of what was I buying.

Jason’s picture that got me thinking of what was I buying.

I followed his story on facebook and was excited to see all his progress.  On Facebook Jason will post for his friends to join him for a workout in the morning.  He also will post for every “like” he gets, he will do so many miles running or sit ups.  Last year he had a challenge and if you lost weight, he would run 1 mile for every pound that was lost.  He really got other friends involved and I really enjoyed his challenges on Facebook.  He posted inspiring pictures of a black suit he wore when he was 119 lbs heavier.

Jason (before) and his wife

Jason (before) and his wife

Jason Before

Jason Before










Interview with Jason

I took the time to ask Jason some questions about his journey and this is what he said:

Gwynspiration: What was your ah ha moment/how did you know you needed to change?

Jason: I knew there was time for a change when I could no longer fit in a restaurant booth and required a table… There was a true need for change after this realization… That and I began having sleep apnea in which I would stop breathing while asleep.

Gwynspiration: How did you start?

Jason: I started with walking the treadmill on incline and even partaking in Zumba classes…

Gwynspiration: What has been working?

Jason: Consistency is the key to success… That’s all I do. I remain consistent in my eating and in my training.

Gwynspiration: Walk me through a day in the life of Jason

Jason:– 5am is typically my first workout in which I do an hour of cardio. Doesn’t matter what it is so long as I’m at my target heart rate. Lately its been between the stepmaster and treadmill on the highest incline with run intervals…

Gwynspiration: What has changed?

Jason: My life! I now wish to empower others to make the right decisions in order to change their lives for the better. I’m currently in pursuit of my personal training certification and will begin training people toward better health! I also plan to obtain my nutrition cert so I can aid people with the largest hurdle as it relates to healthy living – FOOD!

Gwynspiration: What are your go to snacks?

Jason: go to snack is always almonds/walnuts or an apple. Clementines are my absolute fav!

Gwynspiration: Did you ever have any Naysayers about your weight loss?

Jason: I didn’t publicly.  I was one who always said I’d start a weight loss program, but only saw results in my mind and never ever trained, lol.  I think people began to see the transformation and I’ve had nothing but encouragement and new challenges since

Gwynspiration: How have you helped others?

Jason: People tell me all the time that my facebook page inspires them: my posts, my progress, etc. Even something simple like a status change makes an impact and a difference. We’re all born to inspire the world with our lives. I’m thankful to be used as a light to change this world, one person at a time.


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