5K Training Beginner: C25K app, getting outside, virtual 5K

5K Training Beginner: C25K app, getting outside, virtual 5K
Virtual 5K run from Sara Use It to Lose It blog

5K Training Beginner with C25K app

I have been doing the 5K training beginner program for at least 3 weeks.  I think for what I have accomplished that I should change my 5K training beginner status to developing.  I have been feeling really good about my 5K training.  I have managed to complete the couch to Active.com 5K phone app 3 times per week at my fitness club.  I’m currently on Week 3 day 3 that I will get done this coming Monday.  When the app tells me to walk, I have been running through that prompt.  I managed to run 7 minutes straight without stopping at a speed of 5 on the treadmill.

Here are my stats day by day.

week 1 day 1: 1.97 mi: 15:13 min/mi

week 1 day 2: 1.98 mi: 15:09 min/mi

week 1 day 3: 2.02 mi: 14:51 min/mi

week 2 day 1: 2.13 mi: 14:33 min/mi

week 2 day 2: 2.18 mi: 14:13 min/mi

week 2 day 3: ran outside 15 mins and ran on treadmill 15 more minutes

week 3 day 1: 1:1.91 mi: 14:39 min/mi

week 3 day 2: 2.05 mi: 13:39 min/mi (part of virtual 5K)

I’m excited to see great improvement with this program.  I like how I can challenge myself to keep running and feel so accomplished.  I get a great big smile on my face as I push myself to keep at it.  I never thought I would be excited about running and now I am.

Getting Outside

My friend teased me about how I was training for my 5K on the treadmill.  I know running on the treadmill is way different than running outside.  I keep the treadmill at a .5% incline to replicate outside.  Last weekend, I found this pretty pink running jacket at Salvation Army for $5.00.  IMG_20130121_080817I then made a plan to run outside on my birthday 1/21/13 in the morning.  I layered up and ventured outside.  It was snowing and the wind was blowing hard.  I had my smart phone in my glove and set up to do the week 2 day 3 on the C25K app.  I ran around my neighborhood for 15 minutes.  The wind and snow was blowing on my face so hard that it made it difficult to see.  My thighs were burning in cold that I couldn’t take it anymore.  I was proud of myself that I held out for 15 minutes.  I don’t know how far I ran because I ended the app and then I finished the other 15 minutes on the treadmill.


proof I was outside. smiling before I ran and got too cold

proof I was outside. smiling before I ran and got too cold

the weather on the day I ran outside

the weather on the day I ran outside







 Virtual 5K

The first picture on this blog post is before I ran the virtual 5K for Sara Use it 2 Lose It Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/SaraUseIt2LoseIt She has organized a virtual 5K event free for each month.  Anyone can join and I challenge you to do the same.  I decided to do it so I could see what my baseline data is and then when I get to my April 6th 5K event, I will be able to gauge my progress better.  I ran 3.1 miles on the treadmill.  I did the C25K program but pushed myself to run as long as I could with a 5 speed setting.  The app has only 28 minutes of running/walking intervals, so I documented my time when I finished the 28 mins for the apps sake but I kept running so I could report my time for the virtual 5K.  My ending time was 41:38.  That will be my baseline and I know I will get better from there.  As I was coming to the last .5 of the 5K, I was jam’n to Cher Believe.  I Believe in myself and I will accomplish this 5K challenge.  I feel liberated and fantastic.  2013 sure is turning out grand with awesome firsts!







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