What is Gwynspiration for Weight Loss?


Hello and Welcome to Gwynspiration for Weight Loss blog on Chicago Now.  My name is Gwyn and I hope to help inspire others with weight loss tips, fun fitness in the Chicagoland area, and establish new goals to better yourself.

I do not claim myself as an expert on weight loss but I have learned a lot about eating healthy, fitness, and wellness that I want to help others. Everyone is different and no cookie cutter program is available for a quick fix. I personally joined Weight Watchers and worked out at Zip Fitness.  I have worked on my weight loss goals for a year and I have more to go.  I’m excited about this coming year.  I hope to offer new ideas on what I experienced and how to overcome struggles.  Feel free to comment and like my facebook page.  Lets join together to become healthier, look fabulous and get Gwynspiration along the way.

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